They are not allowed to go to Huelva

Posted: Thursday, November 19, 2020 10:05 a.m.

The mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez, denounced the arrival on Wednesday of 200 immigrants on the island, after the expulsion on Tuesday carried out at the quay of Arguineguín, in the municipality of Mogán (Gran Canaria), where there are over 2,000 people crowded together.

The adviser denounced that 200 immigrants were trapped in the port of Santa Cruz with the intention of going to Huelva, but those who were not allowed to board and are stranded and without other accommodation, so at night As of this Wednesday, they had to be transferred to a hotel in the south of the island in a transport coordinated by the Red Cross.

Bermúdez directly accused the Interior Ministry of giving the “order” so that “they cannot board the ship for Huelva if they do not have a passport”: “Does anyone want explain to me how it is possible to travel without problem in the national territory of the Canary Islands from one island to another and yet to go to Huelva, you have to present a passport that no one has requested until this moment? “

The mayor assures that this is “an absolute lack of criteria and principles” and denounces that no authority – neither the Cabildo, nor the government delegation, nor the regional executive – has appeared instead. .

“It is unacceptable, unrepresentable”, he criticized the role of the government in the migratory crisis in the Canary Islands. “The lack of information, commitment and responsibility of this government is a sum and continues”, he added.

The Interior Ministry assures LaSexta that the transfer of migrants does not depend on their department and that it is a migration responsibility.

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