They boo, insult and threaten LaSexta journalist in Ceuta after questioning Casado about Cospedal’s accusation in ‘Kitchen’

Posted: Thursday June 03, 2021 5:29 PM

Ceuta on Thursday became the scene of moments of great tension due to the arrival of the President of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, in the midst of a verbal escalation between Morocco and Spain after the massive entry of thousands of migrants into the autonomous city . Once there, Casado went to the Plaza de la Constitución with President Juan Jesús Vivas (PP), to perform an act in which he avoided responding about the situation in Cospedal.

Regarding an act held in the open air, many supporters of the popular formation came to listen to his intervention, and did not hesitate to boo and reprimand the media present when they asked the president of the PP for a report. on the recent indictment of the former secretary general of the party and her husband, Ignacio López del Hierro, for the espionage plot against Luis Bárcenas in connection with Operation “Kitchen”.

Casado is limited to stressing that “his attachment to the values ​​that the PP represents in his public service is always linked to speaking” of what he should value, while he recalled that four months ago he had already communicated that he would not once again explain any past problem. Thus, on two occasions, he refused to answer this question, which multiplied the boos towards a journalist in question, Carla Álvarez, of laSexta.

The tension increased when a man who was at the rally threatened both her and the camera, Jesús. Precisely, this person hit the target and threatened him: “Are you going to continue recording me?” The cameraman replied, “I work. The man tried to come closer several times while other people grabbed him and asked him to calm down.

President Juan Jesús Vivas reached the point where the press was shortly after what happened to apologize. It was at the end of the act. Vivas approached the reporter and the laSexta camera and apologized for the attitude of those present. However, he demanded that the situation be understood, given that Ceuta is going through a very difficult time. Antonio García Ferreras has answered this question.

“We journalists have been very concerned about what has been happening in Ceuta for a long time and we are very aware of its situation, but we have every right in the world to ask the PP president what is happening with Cospedal,” said the presenter of Al Rojo Vivo, who defended the journalist and the cameraman and added: “Whoever doesn’t like it, hang on”.

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