“They bought MPs from Cs, did a builder give them money?”


Updated: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 10:47 AM

Posted: 17.03.2021 10:30

Tomorrow tense at the Congress of Deputies. After President Sánchez accused the PP of “corruption” in the case of the Cs deputies who went bankrupt in Murcia, the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, replied: “What do you call transfuguismo, do you know how you call him “from Spain” Dignity, Señor Sánchez “.

The popular also questioned Pablo Iglesias. “How short that lasted us. If he wanted to go to the opposition, he could not choose a better candidacy than that of Madrid. How did Don Pablo use his time?”

“I spent my time governing and shaping social policies. You devoted yourself to buying citizen deputies. How did you get the money? Did you put it in or did you give it to yourself by a builder? “, A moment which was applauded by the socialist bench and Podemos.

Egea again attacked the vice-president, claiming that “he has to steal SIM cards”: “You only managed to do a lot of work in the courts. On May 5, you will only have to sit down and fight in the Assembly in Madrid., Good luck. “

“Don Teodoro, if they were as confident as they say they would not have asked the Central Election Commission to cancel our candidacy. You talk a lot about communism and freedom, in Spain the communists risked their lives to bring democracy. You are not only a corrupt party, but a party founded by nine ministers of the dictatorship. You do not reach the soles of the shoes of the Spanish Communists, “replied Iglesias.

The vice president also accused the popular people of understanding “freedom” as “that a small privileged group does not conform to the standards”: “Freedom is decent public health, that a child of a neighborhood poor have the same chances. His project and that of his far-right partners is to destroy freedom. “

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