They burn an urban guard van with agents inside who managed to leave for Barcelona


Publication: Saturday February 27, 2021 9:49 PM

Several dozen violent people attacked the Barcelona Urban Guard police station on La Rambla on Saturday, throwing all kinds of objects, including incendiary devices. So, they set fire to a van with officers inside, although they were able to escape unharmed.

The event took place at the end of a demonstration to protest against the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél, as Carlos Quílez, a security expert from LaSexta, who indicated that the demonstrations this Saturday, to which 6,000 people participated and 7,000 people according to Guàrdia Urbana, developed relatively normally until an hour after the demonstration, the riots started.

At that time, the organizers put an end to the demonstration, while hundreds of people remained and riots started in El Raval all the way to La Rambla, where they destroyed street furniture, garden hedges, bank branches, storefronts. Likewise, riot groups threw flares, firecrackers and other incendiary objects at the police line in an attempt to disperse them.

Finally, around 8.15 p.m., they reached the southern area, where the Guardia Urbana police station is located. There there were moments of enormous tension and the violent vandalized two body vans that were parked in front of the police station, in which they painted them and set them on fire, one of them with officers in the inside, which resulted in a situation of worry and alarm in the neighborhood, while others applauded the action and even one shouted: “Son of a bitch. Come on, run away, you bastard!”

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