They burst into the last act of Ayuso’s pre-campaign with boos and a banner to Collado Villalba

Posted: Saturday April 17, 2021 2:18 PM

The last pre-campaign act for Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s 4M, which took place this Saturday in the town of Collada Villalba, was momentarily interrupted by the appearance of a group of people carrying a banner, who have hoots at the president of Madrid.

This happened when the PP candidate attacked Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, whom he criticized for what he called “zero empathy”, stating “that they did not surrender to the hospital ”during the pandemic.

It was then that whistles began to sound and a group of people stood behind Ayuso with a banner. Cries of “exit” and others of “freedom” were heard, although local police quickly removed those holding the banner from the area.

In the video that illustrates this news, you can see that brief moment of tension, in which Ayuso interrupted his speech for a few seconds, turned around and gave a “val” before continuing with his speech.

Then he continued to lodge a complaint against the central executive, which he accused of wanting to prevent the elections because “Pedro Sánchez is desperate”. “Let him assume that from May 5th things are going to change a lot for him because you can’t cheat everyone all the time,” he concluded.

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