“They came to Madrid, they are specialists in overthrowing governments”

Updated: Thursday, March 11, 2021 8:58 AM

Published on: 03.11.2021 08:23

The until now president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, affirmed this Thursday that after seeing the motion of censure of the PSOE with Citizens of Murcia, her opposition rivals had planned something similar in their autonomy: less doubt that they also came to Madrid, ”said in an interview with EsRadio.

In this sense, the popular leader assured that “the electric machine of the PSOE” had prepared an attack against its leadership for a long time, and goes further: “I do not trust Pedro Sánchez at all. We must remember how I I arrived at the leaders of the PSOE and the government, and always with Ábalos in between. They are experts in overthrowing governments, “he said.

Ayuso, who starred in a series of interviews this Thursday, also said in Onda Cero that he spoke to the leader of his training, Pablo Casado, as soon as news of the motion in Murcia started to flow. spread: “We were talking the night before”, he emphasizes, and insists that he had the support of the popular leader in particular “given the way we cohabited in Madrid, of the pacts that my former partners had with the Moncloa, sudden changes and from behind. “

Ayuso, against the citizens: “They sided with Moncloa”

He also launched a few messages against Ciudadanos, with which he confirms that he has always had a negative relationship, especially with Ignacio Aguado: “The vice president sided with Moncloa from behind. For example, when I wanted to keep the hotel open until Christmas, they forced me to close, ”he says.

This is precisely a message he maintained throughout the morning, also in other interviews. In this sense, the manager also declared in Cadena Cope that on numerous occasions she had not had the support of her partners: “I was aware for a long time that I did not have particular support from my partners , from Ciudadanos. On several occasions it was like that, and they preferred to agree with Moncloa. They also did so in the Assembly. I imagined the scenario unfolding in the same way, and the flood of motions got me talking with Casado the night before, ”he says.

At the same time, the regional leader also insisted on her speech of “freedom” for the people of Madrid, noting that the anticipated call for the elections was born in response to the motions of censure presented against her party: “I am sorry to have to ask la Madrileños, but I would rather they be masters of their own destiny than the PSOE with my former partners, ”he concludes.

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