They catch accusations against the PP and the citizens in an illegal party with Leticia Sabater in Soria

Posted: Saturday April 24, 2021 7:46 PM

People’s Party officials and citizens participated in an illegal party at an establishment in Medinaceli at the end of March. The event was organized by Rubén Morales, owner of the premises and coordinator of the citizens of the province of Soria, and gathered around twenty people, including the deputy mayor of the city, José Soriano (of the PP) and the presenter . Leticia Sabater, from the “Diario de Castilla y León”.

The party, which led to the opening of an investigation by the Civil Guard, was held on March 27, although it has so far not taken place when a video was posted on social media in which the presence in a bar of about twenty people, the majority without masks and without respecting the safety distance. In addition, as the “Diario de Castilla y León” points out, in the images you can see the deputy mayor of the city, José Soriano, with the mask on his elbow, singing and dancing.

The chef of Ciudadanos in Soria has resigned

The coordinator of the local citizens’ group of Soria, Rubén Morales, resigned from the post after learning that he had organized the illegal party at the Medinaceli hotel establishment he owned. The event took place four days before Morales was appointed citizens’ coordinator in the province of Soria.

Orange training accepted Morales’s resignation and recalled in a statement that health restrictions (hand hygiene, safe distance, use of masks or capacity limitation) are intended to contain the spread of the pandemic and are mandatory for all citizens, without exception. “Political positions – whether public or organic or of a particular formation – also have a responsibility to be exemplary,” he stressed.

In addition, Ciudadanos argued that he would maintain his political and social activity in the city of Soria through his Provincial Committee and his institutional positions.

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