they changed the name of Plaza Alfonso XIII “badly”

In Éibar, they celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Second Republic like most. The reason: there, the arrival of the democratic regime was experienced in a particular way, since they were the first to do so, at dawn. “People went to town hall at six in the morning thinking they had declared themselves all over Spain, and they only declared it here,” said one of the attendees. commemorative event.

Because they confused “preparing” the Republic with “proclaiming it”. A happy mistake that filled the town hall for barely an hour. “My mother told me that it was the only town where everything was closed because it was a party. They went out in the street with a banner saying ‘live on April 14’ and they sang the Marseillaise”, tells another woman who attended the event in memory of the anniversary of the Republic.

It happened that the neighbors, seeing that there were no demonstrations in the rest of Spain, returned home. But until the afternoon, when other cities also proclaimed it. Then the people of Eibar came out and, leaning on a long staircase, they renamed the Plaza Alfonso XIII in Plaza de la República: “The name was put on a cardboard with a pencil, and they asked the firefighters stairs.

During the dictatorship, it changed again with the date of the coup, and with the arrival of democracy, it reverted to its original name: Plaza Unzaga, which the neighbors approve today. The pioneering memory of Eibar was taboo during the dictatorship. “At home, they did not talk about politics because my father and mother were in prison,” said another person.

For this reason, the local PES and other associations were commissioned to hoist the flag in remembrance. It was in the Casa del Pueblo, right next to where it was made 90 years ago, keeping alive today the photo of what happened on April 14 in this municipality where a another milestone in the history of Spain has begun.

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