“They deceive us with everything. I repeat, I do not believe anything in this government”

Rocío Monasterio insisted this Saturday on the fact that “nothing is believed” on the part of the government after the controversy generated by the threats that Pablo Iglesias, Fernando Grande-Marlaska and María Gámez received a few days before the Community elections from Madrid. In this sense, the candidate Vox assured that in the formation of the extreme right, they are not “afraid”.

“They deceive us with everything, and then they don’t let us say ‘we don’t believe anything in this government’. Well, I repeat: I don’t believe anything in this government,” he said during the meeting. a ceremony held at the San Sebastián arenas de los Reyes, with the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal.

The leader of Vox spoke about the debate on Cadena Ser and stressed that Iglesias is where he is because Pedro Sánchez agrees with “the separatists, the bilduetarras and the enemies of Spain”. “They want to risk what has taken so long,” the candidate said.

“It has cost us dear to build this Spain that we know”, he continued, while affirming that in the debate they were “surrounded by progress”. “What you have to put up with in this campaign, a lot of progress and a lot of submissive media to the left, you’ve already seen this interviewer shake hands with Pablo Iglesias,” he said.

Meanwhile, he pointed out that Iglesias left the debate “with the face of a slaughtered lamb” because he is not used to “a woman looking him in the eye and saying four things”. “He’s going to have to get used to it,” he said.

He considers that the Government of the Nation is trying to put an end to “prosperity”. “All we have in government are those who risk your job, the well-being of your families, safety on the streets, your prosperity, the future of your children. And here there are two ways, one is to conform and the other is to stand up. “moved.

The monastery praised the fact that people “have had enough” of the “lukewarm and gray” speeches, in addition to the fact that the left “living room” imposes its speech and defends the “squatting mafias”. “This crested leftist who prefers to talk about animal welfare observatories rather than seeking your welfare,” he added.

“Iglesias wants to put an end to all those who dare to disagree”

Por otro lado, Monasterio ha aludido a los madrileños para decirles que Iglesias quiere acabar “con todo el que estreve a direir, a discrepar, a cuestionar sus mantras”, mientras que ha subrayado que esto es precisamente lo que hace Vox “todos los days”.

So, he indicated that his presence is so annoying. “We have come to politics and the elections in Madrid to guarantee with your votes that the left does not enter Madrid (…) Not only that it does not enter Madrid, but that left politics do not not continue, “he censored.

He also said that the rest of the candidates did not want the number of MPs to be reduced in the Community of Madrid. “When we ask them that there are a lot of them, then we can’t talk, nobody wants to talk about it,” he said.

He claimed this is because politicians are “far away” from the real world and live “in his Galapagar chalet bubble”, while all restrictions are being placed on the people of Madrid. “You have to lift all the restrictions, you have to let people work,” he said.

Monastery said this issue is a “top priority” to address the social and economic crisis caused by the pandemic. “They are looking only for their well-being, not that of all Madrilenians,” criticized candidate Vox.

Only we can defend Madrid

Likewise, he ensured that the people of Madrid were defended “everywhere” despite the fact that they were “gagged” and “locked up”. “We are not afraid, we are not resigned,” he added. Monasterio stressed that Vox’s message is “fundamental” and that it is “the only alternative” to the left, because they are the only ones who “will put their face” for the people of Madrid.

“We are already getting them to come out like little lambs and try to silence us. We see a flood of people listening to us and seeing that only we are going to be able to protect Madrid,” he said before closing. saying that they are going to “put their noses up” for the Community of Madrid and all Spaniards.

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