They demand the appearances of Felipe VI and Pedro Sánchez in Congress for the latest scandals of the King Emeritus

Publication: Thursday, March 4, 2021 12:12

Esquerra Republicana, EH-Bildu, JuntsxCat, CUP, BNG, Pdecat, Compromís and Más País request the appearance of King Felipe VI and Pedro Sánchez “given the gravity of what has happened in the last hours, days, months and years in relation to the Royal House “.

This Thursday, they announced that they will be making two requests in the next few hours, an announcement that comes after it became known that infantas Cristina and Elena were vaccinated in the United Arab Emirates during a visit to their father, and after the regularization of 4.4 million euros from the King Emeritus.

In the first place, the appearance of the Head of State consists in informing the Congress of Deputies of the departure of the King Emeritus from the country, who is the subject of an investigation for alleged corruption, as well as the last known information concerning members of the Royal family. .

Second, that of the president of the government at the Congress of Deputies, to account for the role of the government in the same scandals, they specify in the press release.

The vice-president of the government, Carmen Calvo, has already appreciated this position. He said it is an “ERC fantasy” and stressed that the king “cannot and must not appear”, that his position is political neutrality and recalled that “inviolability is guaranteed” .

“We are faced with a situation that we would not have wanted to go through and which has to do with the King Emeritus, it is totally reprehensible”, he added.

To which Gabriel Rufián responded, saying that part of the government “lives in a fantasy blocking something so simple, that a man gives explanations about what is happening to his family”.

“Those who believe that by covering this they are improving the institution, what they are doing is medievalism. The problem is that there is no place to control the king. And that is a democratic anomaly, ”he added.

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