they denounce that Madrid has done nothing to improve the situation of the toilets

The White Tide was released this Sunday in the streets of Madrid to defend public health and to demand that it be endowed with more resources just on the dates that a year has passed since the arrival of the coronavirus in Spain. The march, which crossed the Paseo del Prado and ended in the Puerta de Alcalá, had the presence of unions and associations, as well as the deputy of Más Madrid in the Assembly and party leader at regional level, Mónica García, who deplored the “attempts at privatization” of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

“This white tide reinforces the fact that public services and public health are one of our axes as a society, and that Ayuso will not take them away from us,” said García, who added that “no pandemic does not exist. ‘made the PP change the way of privatizations and cuts “. In this sense, he explained that the region is part of the autonomous communities with the worst ratio of patients per hospital and that “in recent years eleven hospitals have been built and 3,000 beds have been lost”, which “would have been useful”. to the health system to cope with and saturate contagions.

“The Community of Madrid is one of those with the highest preventable mortality, one of the regions which has shortened its life expectancy the most and which has not prevented patients from continuing in ICUs, hospitals and have excess mortality, ”he said. Along with these criticisms, UGT Madrid Secretary General Luis Miguel López Reillo told the media that after a year of pandemic “the problems have not been resolved” and Madrid “continues to grow. to have an impact. of the highest in all of Spain “.

Faced with this, he regretted that the regional president “is only calling on other countries, such as France, to make it the canteen of Europe”, in reference to the influx of foreign tourists in the capital, which listed as “very serious”. “We continue without trackers, without strengthening primary care, without emergencies and in schools there are no Covid coordinators. The only thing that is done is a pseudo-hospital and contracts are made with friends so that they can fill this role. the hospital with beds and other things, but not operating rooms, ”criticized Reillo.

They endanger the health of the population with actions that go against common sense and against health “

Other representatives of associations and organizations, such as the president of the Association for the Defense of Public Health, Marciano Sánchez, have expressed concern that the public health system, in his opinion, “is has deteriorated “in recent months and declared that the concentration requires” resources for the system “and that at the political level,” the interests of the population prevail over the economic interests “. “It is a suicidal policy. They endanger the health of the population and carry out a series of actions that go against common sense and against health,” Sánchez said.

“If this continues, it will be the death of the public health system”

For her part, ‘Juntas por la Pública’ spokeswoman Ana Rosa Encinas urged the regional government to “stop kidnapping 1000 professionals in Zendal and sending them back to their hospitals”, and claimed that the very clear death of the public health system. ”During the rally, a ninot representing Ayuso was seen who, under the name of“ La Pinocha ”, criticized the fact that the regional president“ promises a lot of things, but lies ”. This figurine of nearly eight meters and weighing about 25 kilos, was produced by the artist Ximo Esteve at the request of the Independent Association of the District of Butarque (AVIB) in order to bring it out to through the streets of the capital during his claims.

Speaking to the media, one of the AVIB members, Antonio Abueta, noted that since 2007 they have been promised the construction of a health center and “today the promises have been broken” since “in this legislature it should have been built, in fact it was announced by the Minister of Health”. “Our way of reflecting this situation of deception and lies has been to carry out several campaigns to fill our balconies of the houses with posters asking for the health center, and we have created ‘La Pinocha’ which reflects the lies we have suffered in this district. for years ”, underlined.

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