They drop the investigation line on alleged bonuses at Podemos

Publication: Tuesday March 16, 2021 10:20 PM

The judge investigating the management of Podemos filed the case in relation to the alleged bonuses charged by certain members of the party that the lawyer José Manuel Calvente denounced, after having ruled out the existence of a crime because the supplements were included in payroll and authorized. by those responsible.

By order of March 11, the head of investigating court number 42 in Madrid, Juan José Escalonilla, rejected this part of the investigation.

Former Podemos leader José Manuel Calvente and former party leader Mónica Carmona denounced increases in the payroll of party director Rocío Esther Val and treasurer Daniel de Frutos through two salary supplements, as well as the reinstatement of travel expenses or other concepts that they deem excessive, disproportionate and for unauthorized concepts.

These are the coordination supplement in the amount of 210.32 euros and the executive coordination supplement in the amount of 400 euros which, according to the complainants, do not appear in the party’s salary tables and were allocated “unilaterally”, without the agreement of the coordination council. .

Instead, the judge explains that, according to the documentation recently provided by Podemos, there is evidence that the Coordination Council was aware of the staff costs targeted in 2019, including all the remuneration of the manager and the treasurer, who then went on to been approved by the State Citizen Council.

Thus, “the alleged commission on his part of a crime of unfair administration is therefore not appreciated”, according to the order which details that there were more people who received these supplements.

Regarding the reimbursement of costs to the two training managers, the magistrate concludes that it has been proven that said expenses have been approved by the finance and transparency team in the case of Daniel de Frutos and by the management area in the case of Rocío Esther Val.

For this reason, “it is not a question of expenses invoiced unilaterally by the respondents, but of approved expenses in their respective fields, so that no irregularity can be noticed by chance”.

Thus, the magistrate dismisses the case relating to the alleged offense of unfair administration imputed to Rocío Esther Val for the implementation of salary supplements and concerning the payment of the travel expenses of both said manager and Daniel de Frutos. Against this court resolution, there is a call for reform and an appeal.

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