They explode and set fire to a bank branch in Barcelona

Fourth night of violent riots during demonstrations in support of rapper Pablo Hasél, who entered prison last Tuesday. There have already been several arrests: at least one in Barcelona and two more in Girona, according to the Mossos d’Esquadra.

In Barcelona, ​​violent demonstrators tore off a road sign with which they smashed the window of a bank branch of La Caixa in Barri Gòtic. Some people entered the premises of the bank, throwing firecrackers and destroying furniture and computers, and even setting it on fire at one point, as can be seen in the video accompanying these lines.

The protest in Barcelona started at 7:00 p.m. from the Plaça Universitat, and along the way, some people destroyed the ATMs of other banks. The concentration traveled the Via Laietana and stopped for a few minutes at the higher police headquarters, where they threw bottles and started running at full speed trying to reach the Mossos vans of Esquadra, against those who threw all kinds of objects.

In Pla de Palau, demonstrators erected a barricade in which a dozen containers burned. Although the protesters later dispersed to different areas, at the time of the greatest influx some 2,000 people gathered, while a very powerful Mossos police force kept watch.

According to Catalan police, violent groups smashed the windows of several banking entities and even threw stones at neighbors who blamed them from balconies. Police also denounced the looting and vandalism of commercial establishments and the throwing of objects at a police station in La Rambla.

Firecrackers and bottles were also thrown in Girona and barricades were set on fire. However, laSexta witnessed a disagreement among the protesters themselves, with some trying to set the fire on and others to put it out.

The Mossos reported that stones were also thrown at the police line in the area of ​​government sub-delegation and protesters who took down street furniture to throw it at officers, as well as people who smashed the windows of a bank in Mercadal square.

In Vilafranca del Penedès, as reported by the Mossos, violent groups threw stones, fireworks and paint at officers guarding the local police station, they destroyed the security fences and caused damage by throwing paint and stones at a police vehicle. .

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