“They hate the poor and criminalize those who don’t think like you”

Updated: Wednesday, April 14, 2021 2:02 PM

Published on: 04/14/2021 13:56

“They hate the poor and the humble. They criminalize those of us who don’t think like you.” These are the statements with which Pedro Sánchez criticized Vox’s speech and Javier Ortega Smith’s intervention at the Vallecas rally, in which he called the neighbors present a “scoundrel”.

In one of his speeches in the lower house, the Prime Minister accused the far right of hating and excluding anyone with “a different point of view” and also referred to when Santiago Abascal exposed a allegedly paved with altercations during a Vox rally in Vallecas. According to the president of the government, the objective of the formation of the extreme right with this rally “was not to seek the vote in the poor districts”.

Likewise, the chief executive defended that “he condemns all kinds of violence, even those suffered by Santiago Abascal”, which this party “does not do”. “You do not condemn violence against women, immigrants or the LGTBI collective,” he added, addressing the Vox bench.

You do not condemn violence against women, immigrants or the LGTBI collective “

In this sense, he recalled that those of Abascal accused the government of being “illegitimate and psychopathic” and of calling itself “criminal”. In view of these statements, he wondered if they would beg “sorry”. “They will insult us and we will support it. But I will not allow him to insult Spaniards who do not think like you because democracy will overcome his hatred,” he added.

During his speech from the podium, Sánchez also accused the far-right party of having “ideas from other centuries”, reminding them that the word “president” “has been in the dictionary since 1803. He has it. faced various statements in the that Vox insisted on referring to women as “presidents or vice-presidents,” instead of using the term feminine.

In Sánchez’s speech, there was also room for “the center-right” and the party led by Pablo Casado. In the opinion of the Prime Minister, “the law will not be what it should be, as long as the ideas of Vox will not have disappeared”. A few words with which he also addressed Toni Cantó, to whom he said that “there must be all kinds of sauces”, after having passed through the UPyD and Ciudadanos and his march towards the PP.

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