“They haven’t experienced what the culture of threat is”

Publication: Friday April 23, 2021 11:43 PM

“We cannot normalize the situations in which a minister, a director of the Civil Guard, a former vice president and a candidate for elections receive letters of this nature.” This is how Fernando Grande-Marlaska spoke on Friday about the letters of threats with bullets directed against Pablo Iglesias, the director of the Civil Guard María Gámez and himself.

This was stated in an interview on “ Cadena SER ”, just hours after the leader of Podemos left an electoral debate held at said station, following the questioning of these death threats by the Vox candidate in the 4M elections, Rocío Monasterio.

Asked about this, the Minister of the Interior considered that it was “very sad that this is happening in our country at 11 o’clock in the morning” when – he added – “people are sufficiently awake and sufficiently awake. aware of the atrocities that can occur. say “.

“Those of us who have experienced situations have threatened us for different problems at other times … are you really aware of this trivialization?”, Noted the minister, who maintains that those who trivialize the threats “have not experienced what the real thing is. the culture of threat or, if they have experienced it, they have experienced it in a way that has not left the necessary mark on them.”

In this regard, Marlaska spoke of his own personal experience: “Euskadi, Basque Country, my land, judge, Basque, Basque boyfriend, gay friendly place, three in the morning, where one feels more free than on other sites, tough years, and get noticed. ”“ They don’t know what it is, ”competed.

In the opinion of the Minister of the Interior, faced with what happened, “there is a minimum to be demanded, which is a condemnation of certain facts in particular” and he affirmed that “this cannot be put into perspective. “. Regarding the statements of Isabel Díaz Ayuso – who said to condemn “all violence” but added that “it cannot be that those who provoke this violence later become the offended” – Marlaska declared that he did not did not understand this attitude. “It is whitewashing the far right, it is whitewashing violent speech,” he said, stressing that “there are no hate crimes if there is no speech of hate “.

Asked whether the death threats they received respond to the breeding ground created by the political environment, Marlaska specified that “a certain political environment”. “If there are representatives of the public who brag and pass on Instagram or on the social network, let it be with a vandalized sculpture by Largo Caballero and with an iconography that is very difficult to understand, if to that you add other speeches in Congress, in the Senate, in front of the media … what do we want? », Raised, in clear allusion to Vox.

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