“They know what’s going on and haven’t decided to suspend”

Posted: Saturday March 13, 2021 5:56 PM

The CSIC virologist and immunologist, Margarita del Val, discusses the doubts that the AstraZeneca vaccine has generated in relation to the cases of thrombosis that have occurred in a batch of said vaccine.

Del Val reassures by declaring that the number of cases is “drastically lower” than those which normally occur in the population. “When the cases that coincide with vaccination are compared, it’s a much lower number,” he says.

For the virologist, the difference is that the authorities are investigating these notifications, but “they find no reason” for the vaccination plan to be suspended.

“I trust two sources: the European Medicines Agency and Denmark. Denmark has long had a health system that monitors absolutely every incident that everyone has since birth; they have everything on one map that works. for decades. I know what’s going on and I decided not to suspend. I would get vaccinated, “says Margarita del Val in the Sexta Noticias.

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