They launch a campaign to strengthen the presence of women in industrial, scientific and technological VET

They launch a campaign to strengthen the presence of women in industrial, scientific and technological VET

For years, more and more women have opted for VET as a training modality to continue their studies. The figures published by the Dualiza Bankia Professional Training Observatory, collected in its 2020 report, show that more women studied FP last year (2018-2019), both in the modality of higher diplomas (13, 5% women against 8.8% men), as in the middle class (17.4% against 12.2%). However, the unemployment rate between 2015 and 2019 is higher for women than for men who studied both modalities.

These data allow us to affirm that this fact is structural and may be linked to the fact that some of the professional families with the highest professional integration rates, such as manufacturers or STEM, are strongly masculinized. According to the aforementioned report, only 10.9% of those enrolled in information and communications technology cycles are women; figure reduced to 5.8% for those in Mechanical Manufacturing; 4.2% in electricity and electronics; 3.6% in extractive industries and 3.1% in those related to vehicle transport and maintenance.

We are FP women. We have the professional strength Spread the word!

In this context, e-FP, the entrepreneurship program in vocational training promoted by Fundacin Crate and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the European Social Fund, is launching #PorMsMujeresEnFP.

The campaign, which will be launched on March 8 from the e-FP social media profiles and will last for a week, aims to encourage women attracted to these degrees, as well as to encourage women companies to also hire women with this qualification. training. .

Thus, from the program’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, a challenge will be launched to its community of followers: help them spread this message by sharing the image designed for the occasion, under the hashtag #PorMsMujeresEnFP and by tagging e-FP.

In addition, as the campaign develops, the program will feature an inspiring talk on March 8 at 6:00 p.m. via its YouTube channel with Margarita Ortiz, Vice President and Co-Founder of Fundacin Crate, and successful entrepreneur. Address both students, teachers and mentors of the e-FP program, as well as anyone wishing to participate in the online meeting.

Consolidate a project

The e-FP program gives vocational training students the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and capacity for innovation, through a careful academic proposal that encourages innovation and creativity.

In order to develop optimally, one of the keys to the success of the project is that it has an online digital training platform from which students, teachers and mentors can work and collaborate remotely. In this way, e-FP adapts to a new social context which calls for tele-training and the management of education through digital formats.

e-FP in collaboration with Fundacin ICO, Dualiza Bankia, BBVA and CESCE; Institutions and companies involved in education and vocational training, who believe in the program and who have joined the project.

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