They launch a tool that assesses key skills in the digital age

More and more companies are detecting weaknesses in their HR selection processes. Traditional HH, so they need new and more efficient methods to help them analyze and test the skills of their candidates. The rigidity of this type of evaluation generally results in psychological reactance and social desirability, factors which directly influence the subjects’ response, jeopardizing the validity of the results. Enroller, the new Quodem tool, manages to neutralize and reduce all these factors, streamlines and innovates by accompanying the selection process in a gamified environment and makes it a dynamic and original strategy game with which to effectively measure skills as important as the adaptability to change, teamwork or creativity.

Gamification techniques at the service of RRR. HH

Enroller is based on the creation of a virtual environment that, with the appearance of a game, confronts the subject with experiential situations through which the tool assesses the following abilities related to self-efficacy, originality , analytical and supervisory capacity, flexibility, communication skills, tolerance to frustration, self-esteem, interpersonal awareness, optimism or perseverance:

Adaptability to change Capacity for innovation and creativity Capacity for learning, reasoning and agility Cooperation and teamwork

The dynamics and mechanics of gamification make it possible to increase user engagement and change their initial perception of the test, which, added to the storytelling with an immersive epic, Enroller manages to immerse the subject of the assessment and him. makes the process experience more enjoyable and realistic. .

The pilot test conducted by Quodem with 882 users demonstrated the reliability and validity of this project, and found that over 90% of participants found the experience fun, and over 80% would recommend and find it easy to use. achieve. “This is the most original test I did in a job interview”, “I felt I was really inside the story, which helped me to make decisions exactly as I would, if the situation were real ”are some of the anonymous testimonials who participated in this test.

More than 45 experts and a specific methodology for its development

During the two years of research and development of this tool, Quodem responded to the highest standards of international organizations such as BUROS (The Buros Center for Testing), EFPA (European Federation of Professional Psychologists Associations) or the questionnaire standardized assessment of the Tests (CET-R; Test Commission, Official College of Psychologists).

The registrant was also examined under many dimensions to check the quality of his results and has more than sufficient psychometric support to justify its use as an assessment tool. A team of experts of more than 45 professionals participated in the entire R&D process, made up of professors, psychologists, analysts, HR directors. HH, engineers and others who have cooperated to make possible this revolutionary tool capable of changing the way we think about current recruitment processes

Recruitment of RR. Gamified HH, compared to the traditional, adds endless advantages both in terms of logistics and the reliability and validity of the process. Among them, we find an improvement in the number of people who can be summoned, a motivation incentive much higher than usual due to its innovation and surprise factor, the ease of automatic recording of responses and, well. sure, an increase in brand awareness. and the image that the company gives to candidates.

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