They launch a tool that measures the level of humanization of a company

In times of maximum uncertainty, a more people-centered management is more than ever necessary to foster their capacities for creative, innovative and critical thinking and to encourage their adherence to a goal. Moreover, as automation advances and machines perform repetitive and predictable activities, the more human dimension of the organization increases its strategic value.

The Mshumano Foundation, the Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV), through its Integral Directive Development Institute (IDDI), and the transformation consultancy firm Watch & Act joined forces in 2019 to define the vision of the Mshumana organization and create the Organization Humanization Index (OHI), a diagnostic tool that paves the way for management models in which professionals can develop all their talent and take greater responsibility for driving change and driving business results.

Today, the IHO questionnaire is made available to companies and the organizational fabric, with particular emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises so that, in a first phase of testing, each organization can transmit it to its employees. and obtain data on their perception. in relation to four fundamental pillars of your company’s culture: its vocation, its leadership model, its people management and its forms of work and relationships.

To do so, organizations interested in using this tool and analyzing their own information can request a specific link for their company, free of charge, via the email

In addition to being useful for companies, this questionnaire is also open so that any individual professional, who works in a private or public organization, can contribute by his answers, in a completely anonymous way, to building the first national index on the humanization of organizations in Spain, promoted by Fundacin Mshumano, IDDI and Watch & Act.


This index is the result of in-depth research work carried out over more than four years by these three entities, with the collaboration of numerous academic and commercial experts. As part of this work, the IHO algorithm was developed, whose metrics are based on the aforementioned four pillars that promote humanization and generate engagement, connection and valuable contribution from professionals; and this translates directly into the achievement of economic goals of increased productivity, collaboration and innovation.

The research to develop the IHO methodology was conducted in the IDDI research unit, Ctedra Irene Vzquez, a people-centered company. In addition, more than 150 expert proposals were obtained thanks to the collaborative intelligence tool of the Mshumano Foundation, and a study on organizational commitment based on the experience of more than 350,000 professionals and over 3,500 surveys have been added. ad hoc by Watch & Act.

All of the above has been transferred to a technological tool that allows organizations, digitally and via Business Intelligence, to know their segmented results, identify the actions to be implemented and move forward in the humanization of their organizations, while measuring the direct impact on business, sustainability and competitiveness indicators.

The IHO Open Questionnaire is hosted at

For Beatriz Snchez Guitin, Managing Director of Fundacin mshumano The most competitive and sustainable companies are aware that their human team is essential to anticipate, innovate, move with agility and generate the confidence of all their stakeholders. And the Organizational Humanization Index (IHO) is a tool that allows us to measure what its culture looks like, and whether it promotes the integral development of its people, and in this way,

For his part, Luis Fernando Rodrguez, CEO of Watch & Act, underlines where we are, people are a reference on how companies ensure their health and safety, by maintaining their jobs and by investing in their adaptation. to changes and new competitive contexts. The humanistic vision greatly facilitates a common and shared vision that makes the company, customers, stakeholders and employees competitively save businesses

Finally, Mara Snchez-Arjona Bonilla, director of IDDI, Francisco University, we are at a key moment for organizations to strengthen the commitment and performance of their professionals and thus be able to overcome the challenges of continuous change in which we are immersed. Professionals who are committed to holistically growing and growing their teams and organizations are the best capital any organization can count on; the IHO offers the opportunity to know the key aspects of improvement on which to work in order to be the best companies for the best ”.

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