They launch a virtual escape room to train workers in PRL

The company expert in gamification and learning projects has launched a virtual escape room, a project through which the worker can acquire the necessary knowledge about risk prevention in the workplace in a formative and attractive way. Through futuristic scenarios, 3D designs and audiovisual elements, the user must pass a series of PRL-related tests to successfully complete their challenge.

BY RRHHDigital, 12:15 – 14 November 2020

The coronavirus crisis has been a huge blow to everyone at the corporate level. To guarantee their future, companies know they must invest in training their employees, and the current situation makes it impossible to hold workshops in person. But it’s not just a matter of disciplinary or procedural learning. The teaching of risk prevention is a fundamental aspect that companies and employees must know perfectly.

From GA Group, a consulting firm specializing in Human Resources, Occupational Risk Prevention and Innovation, they are taking a new step to offer a new training proposal that adapts to current circumstances and brings learning in these areas as close as possible to greater number. experiential and shocking, so that the user can internalize it.

This is how his “ escape room ” was born, an eminently experiential playful environment conducive to allowing the user to let himself be “ dragged ” by the action through his alter ego, acting and deciding by him- even at any time depending on the dynamics set up for him. strengthen prevention habits.

The space is made up of a main room and a secondary room, where the different dynamics take place. In these rooms, a character from the future must seek the help necessary to understand and reverse the deterioration suffered by his generation. For this, the user must resolve questions related to basic aspects of PRL: PPE, chemical, biological, ergonomic risk, loss of vision or hearing problems. Your goal is to get out of the virtual room on time, safe and sound.

The scenarios, modeled in 3D, have a futuristic theme and were supervised by a team of experts in PRL and Gamification, so that the user experience is attractive and informative. The scripts have been produced by professionals certified in Story Telling, and through them, a series of audiovisuals has been produced as a common thread which, along with the lighting, introduces the participant to the story in a totally immersive way.

Thanks to this virtual experience, any employee can learn the concepts related to the prevention of occupational risks in a simpler way, at a lower cost, without limits of time and space, without having to travel or invest in special equipment, and totally interactive way. .

“We live in an exceptional situation, in which the people-to-people contacts on which certain types of training were based are no longer possible today,” said Gabriel Csar Jimnez, CEO of GA Group. “We have already verified the effectiveness of experiential workshops, taken to the extreme in our escape rooms, always linked to our world, the PRL. From now on, we want to go further, from our fundamentally technological orientation, to bring our experiential training closer to the widest possible audience, ”he adds.

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