They launch an initiative to unite companies after one year of teleworking

It has been a year since the start of the pandemic. More than twelve months during which, in many companies, teleworking was introduced. In many cases, their workers still practice their profession behind a screen at home.

For this reason, the sustainable fashion firm Hemper Handmade and the strategic innovation consultancy firm AVANTIS have come together to create “The Return Trip”; a reunion experience in order to unite people.

The loss of the human bond between companies and their workers was one of the main factors in the creation of this project; which illustrates the main reason for the union of the two companies: to unite humanity, to connect with people and to create spaces of trust and co-creation in which Avantis specializes and to give Hemper the opportunity to approach a all new customers, companies, in order to create together these spaces and these moments to feel united that workers so need; throughout Avantis’ experience in the industry and the enduring values ​​that Hemper has.

This initiative proposes that companies connect with their workers in a very special way: to create an “invisible friend” among colleagues, in which each one chooses a Hemper product to send to another employee at home.

The company’s collection, which has the B Corp certificate – guarantees that it is a company with values ​​and a social and environmental commitment – is 100% sustainable (made with hemp) and is made in Nepal.

The chosen gift (backpacks, shoulder bags, bags, computer cases …) will be sent to each worker, accompanied by a personalized letter written by the sender, thanking them for their involvement in this difficult year.

“We have succeeded in creating an action that goes beyond the material and the tangible, to create an experience that puts people, environmental and social sustainability and the purpose of the company at the center,” says Gloria Gubianas, CEO by Hemper Handmade and Andrea Amaro and Irene Ibez, Co-Founders of Avantis Now.

Hemper Handmade and AVANTIS have come together to meet these challenges, combining and improving their products and services; This also means that this process is accompanied by different meeting points in which this awareness, the union, the purpose and the philosophy between the two projects is promoted, and in order to transmit it to the companies with which we will work and that we are currently doing research.

“The Return Trip” is a campaign that welcomes all types of businesses, large or small; to which Avantis and Hemper Handmade propose to show their concern for the well-being of their workers and, at the same time, for environmental and social sustainability.

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