They launch an innovative smart platform that probes the working environment to obtain usage data and environmental conditions

They launch an innovative smart platform that probes the working environment to obtain usage data and environmental conditions

Actiu launches the first intelligent management platform for efficient and healthy spaces. Called Gaia by Actiu, it is a pioneering and disruptive IoT platform that detects the work environment, to obtain data on the use and conditions of the environment that surrounds people, having a favorable impact on the well- being users, as well as on the results of organizations.

In addition to optimizing the use of space and promoting energy efficiency through its integration into environmental control systems, with the resulting cost savings, Gaia allows to support users who work in these spaces, offering them comfort at all times and thus preserving their health. An aspect that also reinforces commitment and facilitates the attraction of talent.

Gaia thus makes it possible to make the spaces profitable, improve their energy savings and preserve the well-being of the people who work there, by connecting them to a safe and efficient working environment, by being rewarded as Best innovative solution of the Festival. . City Awards International Architecture and Open Doors of the City of Madrid 2020.

For Joaqun Berbegal, CEO of Actiu, “Gaia by Actiu fits perfectly into our commitment to people, because it speaks directly of the user experience with the environment to improve their well-being. It is a practical and advanced tool for intelligent space management, as it provides quantifiable information to facility managers and business leadership teams, providing valuable data to effect changes with the aim of improving the productivity and user-friendliness of said spaces. “

For the creation of Gaia, Actiu had a large team of technologists expert in IA, IoT, Analytics, Big data and user experience as well as well-being and health in the company. To date, Actiu is already implementing this technology in its own facilities and is working with different Spanish companies, leaders in their respective sectors, in the development of the first projects. Gaia’s international marketing is scheduled for next June.

An intelligent analytical environment

Thanks to a simple installation of sensors in any type of furniture, Gaia facilitates the collection of data and their transmission to the cloud for processing. stos son tratados con una serie de algoritmos que proporcionan desde cualquier lugar un mayor conocimiento del behaviouro de los espacios para una correcta gestin del entorno de trabajo, tanto en las propias oficinas como en el trabajo a distancia en terceros sectores espacios como y otros , among others. In addition, Gaia uses its own communication infrastructure, guaranteeing anonymity as well as maximum security in data processing.

The platform improves the safety of people by offering information to ensure social distancing and ensuring density in open areas as well as in meeting rooms, while monitoring parameters such as space occupancy, temperature, humidity, light, sound, carbon dioxide levels and airborne particles. In this sense, “throughout the development process of Gaia, and especially at this time, we have come to realize the need for organizations to attract talent and excite employees so that they can return safely. security in their offices, in a more organized, sustainable and balanced environment. Therefore, monitoring the working environment to provide maximum comfort and well-being can be an important motivational aspect ”, explains Soledat Berbegal, Director of Actiu and Director of Brand Reputation.

Just as Gaia’s own hypothesis maintains that the presence of life on Earth promotes adequate conditions for the maintenance of the biosphere, Gaia by Actiu behaves like a self-regulating system that tends to seek balance through the connection of people with the ‘environment.

Intuitive dashboard, user app and innovative devices

Gaia by Actiu offers a simple, visual and intuitive dashboard that integrates features such as data analysis, graphic management, visualization and information on plans and their monitoring. It also integrates occupancy heat maps, room comfort ratios, alert and incident notifications, content management and analysis.

In addition to the administration platform itself and the dashboard with analytics functionality for businesses, Gaia also has a mobile application that allows the user to search, book, rate spaces. and available services, report incidents, as well as receive content feed and alert management. An operation that is also transferred to the design of sensory devices, in which aesthetics and functionality prevail.

Pioneering solution based on experience

Gaia by Actiu concentrates Actiu’s experience of more than 50 years in the design of solutions to improve the well-being of people in their interaction with workspaces. It is also the result of the knowledge acquired by the company during its Leed and Well Platino certification processes, which have enabled its headquarters in the Actiu technological park to be the first industrial building in the world to obtain them jointly, l ‘accrediting as a and a sustainable space that cares for the well-being of people who work inside and takes care of their environment outside.

This smart technology project started in 2018 when Actiu presented the first prototype at the Orgatec trade fair. A solution that has evolved into Gaia’s current proposal which, following the same initial philosophy, incorporates pioneering technology to provide the best working environment for users, as well as the knowledge necessary to derive high performance from it. Thus, Actiu, pursuing its digital transformation strategy, and as it did with the Cool Working by Actiu methodology, continues to complete its product offering with new services to meet current market needs.

Led by Actiu’s Digital Strategy and Innovation pole, the project benefited from the collaboration of two technological partners: TSK developed the platform as well as the design and development of the sensors that collect the data. For its part, ZEUS.Vision created the Front End functionalities and the mobile applications for IOS and Android. Gaia should evolve and integrate new features.

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