They launch an international communication service for corporate transparency

They launch an international communication service for corporate transparency

Schneider Electric, leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced a new communications service, strategically adding to the company’s range of energy and sustainability consulting services . The service is designed to provide a comprehensive solution to the growing need for businesses to more transparently and proactively communicate their energy, sustainability and climate action goals and progress, especially for investors and stakeholders. . Schneider Electric’s new integrated service therefore supports the marketing, communication and reputation needs of its customers.

“Taking relevant action on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues has become essential for companies in response to increasing pressure from investors, employees and customers,” said Steve Wilhite, senior vice president of Schneider Electric. “However, many companies are not taking advantage of their ESG efforts to communicate them effectively, which is essential in an increasingly competitive and ambitious scenario.”

Schneider Electric and GreenBiz media group research shows that while companies are taking energy and sustainability action at an ever-increasing pace, communication plays a critical role in the success of the entire process . This study ensures that companies that publicly announce their goals move faster to meet them, and when more ambitious goals are communicated, respondents say they are more confident of being successful in reaching them.

The pressure to be more transparent about how companies are progressing on ESG criteria is also increasing globally. Earlier this year, the United States Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the creation of a working group focused on climate and ESG. The working group is responsible for uncovering cases of “green laundering” to ensure consistent and valid disclosure and communication on climate risks. Similar measures are being considered in other countries. Investors, such as BlackRock, have also made it clear that companies without clear goals and actions on climate change, in particular, face their scrutiny and censorship.

However, taking action is not enough: communicating these actions in a more proactive and open manner has become a new imperative, and Schneider Electric’s new communication service is designed for that. Schneider Electric thus helps consolidate the leadership and credibility of companies, protects their reputation and provides expertise in energy and sustainable development, regardless of the level of maturity of companies in these areas.

New services include the design of strategies, reports, promotion and engagement, among others. Within the strategies, actions such as competitive market analysis and benchmarking, narrative development on ESG and identification of conversation spaces for managers and stakeholders are considered. Regarding reports, it envisages the analysis and review of existing ESG reports, the creation of new ESG reports and their overall management so that they comply with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative). Regarding promotional actions, the service considers international public relations and media relations, through messages on sustainability, and the creation of assets and personalized campaigns. To strengthen engagement, marketing departments are included for company level changes and creation of customer campaigns.

Schneider Electric, which was named the world’s most sustainable company by Corporate Knights in February, has already supported its customers in their communications for more than a decade. Examples are Digital Realty, Fifth Third Bank, Maple Leaf Foods, Signify, and Walmart, among others.

“Increasingly, we see the certainty of our customers, among other stakeholders, not only to take action on sustainability, but also to publicly share our vision and goals,” said Ian Robb, CEO of the Vita group. “Schneider Electric has been a valuable partner in creating and implementing our discourse on sustainable development. “

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