They launch the first algorithm that helps companies in their commitment to flexibility

They launch the first algorithm that helps companies in their commitment to flexibility

Savills Aguirre Newman launches Savills Tailor, the algorithm created to aid decision making on the future of office spaces and the appropriate percentage of remote work in a personalized way and on real data

BY RRHHDigital, 5:30 pm – November 13, 2020

Savills Aguirre Newman today launched its Savills Tailor Space Calculator, the industry’s first algorithm for architecture and design that can show businesses in an instant how to move forward with decision-making about their needs. offices to adapt them in an instant. Flexibility to the needs of your current teams and goals.

Today, the big challenge for companies is to achieve the perfect balance at work, face to face and remotely, and this balance must be totally adapted, specific and unique for each company. According to its culture, its processes and the profile of its employees, among other data.

The tool, already available online, calculates on the basis of real data and the ideal flexible workspace model the appropriate remote working range and the distribution of the necessary uses for companies of any size and industry. .

The development of the Savills Tailor calculation engine leverages the information and expertise of Savills Aguirre Newman in more than 6,000 work strategy projects applied to more than two million m of offices and in 11 different business lines. Using aggregate data from value-added experiences in the offices of leading companies over the past 30 years, from technology or industry to banking or services, users of Savills Tailor can compare to the ideal model and identify in a personalized way Reinforce points to evolve towards workspaces based on flexibility, innovation and attraction and retention of talent.

Leyre Octavio de Toledo, Executive Director of Architecture and Head of Occupant Solutions at Savills Aguirre Newman, explained that “Savills Tailor was born at a time when we understand that it is technology that has to adapt to people. for companies to move forward. confident in their ways. The objective of this tool is precisely to make available to all what Savills Aguirre Newman has taught us over many years in thousands of projects, to provide rapid solutions on a knowledge base adjusted to the situation. reality of each company, having its culture, its economic model and the profile of the people who work there are taken into account ”.

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