“They learned it from the PP in Madrid, kilometer 0 of corruption”

Publication: Sunday March 14, 2021 3:32 PM

The deputy general secretary of the PSOE, Adriana Lastra, claimed this Sunday a clean policy against the “moral balance” of the PP of Pablo Casado, which tried to “cover its corruption by buying people and selling positions” as on a market”. Persian “it was. This is how the Socialist spokesperson in Congress expressed herself during the telematic meeting” Madrid “.

For an honest policy “, in which also participated the spokesperson of the Madrid Assembly, Ángel Gabilondo, and the general secretary of the PSOE of this community, José Manuel Franco. Lastra transferred his support to the socialist candidate of Madrid s ‘there are finally elections because they represent “the confidence, the honesty and the hope” that the region needs: “An honest policy is necessary, which is not a Persian market, which is not the auction of wills and the trafficking of votes and envelopes of the right “, underlined.

“This right – he added – which has only a moral balance, which buys positions, which degrades the institutions and corrupts the policy, which speaks of fatherland but which only cares about its private patrimony. ” And a law which, although “has changed its face”, is the same as always, the one which “corrupted” the policy of the institutions “with the Tamayazo d’Aguirre” and which still does so “with the Tamayazo of Casado” . Because the popular leader, according to Lastra, is doing what he taught to the PP of Madrid, “the zero kilometer of all the shenanigans and corruption of this right”.

The socialist spokesperson defended that the motion presented by her party in Murcia was an attempt to put an end to the corruption which “no longer splashes the PP, but floods it”, but that “the same PP from box B continues to sell positions and governments to the highest bidder to cover up their corruption. “” A leader who aspires to govern must express the best of a country and of a society, not the worst “as in his opinion Casado, which tarnishes politics” with coverings and in agreement with the extreme right “.

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