They manage to emulate Windows 10 on ARM in the new Apple M1

Sooner or later the news was going to arrive and it arrived sooner than expected. One developer has successfully emulated Windows 10 on ARM through QEmu in the new MacBooks. The result looks quite interesting for both parties.

Windows 10 on ARM works fine on the Apple M1

The first tests they did on the Apple M1 put Windows 10’s performance on ARM on something. Even the person who tried it said that the performance of emulated x86 apps is very similar to Rosetta.

Who Said Windows Won’t Perform Well On #AppleSilicon? It’s quite eye-catching here 😁. #QEMU fixes for reference:

– Alexander Graf (@_AlexGraf) November 26, 2020

This is a virtualized installation of a Windows Insider version using QEMU that runs natively on the ARM architecture. But, the important part is that it has been proven.

In addition, it looks like the operation is very good and it seems to indicate that the Redmonds are on the right track. Obviously, they still need a more powerful processor and better optimization of some applications.

Either way, it looks like the Apple M1 is a great processor, whether it’s on Windows 10 or Mac. We hope Redmond takes note of all of this, and in the next release of Windows 10 on ARM we will find some significant improvements.

It’s not bad to take inspiration from a rival, Apple has done it very well and those at Redmond must take note. The emulation and the processor itself show that

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