“They must apologize for the bloody time for the murders”

Publication: Tuesday November 17 2020 11:30

The former president of the Junta de Extremadura, Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarra, sided with Guillermo Fernández Vara and Emiliano García Page and severely criticized EH Bildu’s support for the budgets of the PSOE and the United government We Can.

The socialist pointed out in an interview on Antena 3 that “the argument that ETA left the bombs and went with the votes is very good”, although “from there to agree with Bildu, there is a very long way to go “. .

“It’s very good that they want to overthrow the Spanish Parliament, I thought the morons stayed at home, but if they couldn’t overthrow the regime with guns, let alone with votes”, launched Ibarra, who ensures that the Socialists do not share “anything with Bildu”: “Neither ethically, nor morally, nor strategically, nor politically, nor in the state model. Nothing in common, absolutely nothing.

“It is difficult to get along with whom we have nothing in common,” said the former socialist leader who warned that the socialists cannot “continue to defend anything that brings them closer to those who kill until ‘has recently”.

Ibarra assured that Bildu “are the heirs of ETA” and indicated that “they may not have killed, but they said” ETA, kill them “”: “These are in Parliament today. How do they walk a stretch like the one to kill to vote real quick, we’re going to stop them from doing what they have to do which is apologize once and for all for the killings and cooperate with it? Justice. “

“Vara and I have the right to oppose and the obligation of the General Secretariat of the PSOE is to synthesize opinions to reach an agreement”, he explained, showing his support to the president of Extremadura and also to Page , who severely criticized Bildu’s support for the government’s accounts.

In this sense, he also criticized the support that former President Zapaterio gave to the government about Bildu in an interview on laSexta. “I believe that democracy should be generous, but not stupid,” he said, criticizing other partners: “We have partners who cannot be trusted very much, we have agreed with ERC, with its partners. rulers in prison, seditious and crooks. The PNV which has a statute of autonomy which considers the right to self-determination. With Podemos, which until recently was a mixture of Stalinist communism and totalitarian populism. “

“These pacts slightly deteriorate the image of the PSOE”, Ibarra said, contrary to the defense also made by Minister Ábalos, who declared that Bildu was already “part of this popular representation which recognizes the same rights for us. all”.

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