they neither receive 4700 euros nor take it away from your grandmother


Publication: Tuesday, April 20, 2021 6:47 PM

The day had not yet begun to brighten when the last election poster of Vox was already able to ignite the public debate: on the morning of this Tuesday, at the Cercanías de Sol station, an image appeared comparing two sums of money per month, for no great reason. or context.

Beside, two faces: an alleged “mena” – acronyms for migrant children who have arrived in our country without their parents or without anyone who can look after them: unaccompanied foreign minors – and your supposed grandmother.

But it is all a crass lie with which the far-right party has attempted to put on the table a question with which it intends to sneak its campaign message and dent in an electoral environment in which it does not. has no particular relevance. For a large number of reasons: neither the minors under guardianship in the Community of Madrid receive any money for it, nor these funds come – not even from the same budgetary items – from the budgets of assistance to the elderly, nor, above all , is that a real number.

In the Community, there are only 269 “ore”

The famous 4,700 euros are the result of a division operated by Rocío Monasterio and his team: an average taken from a framework agreement signed by the Community of Madrid in December 2019 in which the basic characteristics that all contracts must respect have been established. when the places necessary to keep minors in the region are allocated. The planned execution period was 2 years.

There are 3,709 minors who benefit from protective measures in the Community of Madrid. 269 ​​are ‘ore’

The deception has been served. The property, with an estimated value of 24,648,019 euros, is not intended to provide a salary to these children and adolescents. The money does not go to them, but mainly covers aspects such as the payment of the workers who attend them, the maintenance of the facilities or the training and their educational programs.

With the official data of March 31, 2021, there are 3,709 minors who benefit from protective measures in the Community of Madrid. 71.1% of children and adolescents supervised by the regional government are Spanish: 2,637. The remaining 1,702 are foreigners, not necessarily “ore”. Those which correspond to this definition represent only 7.2%. Exactly 269 minors. No more no less.

“The cost of caring for a minor does not have to do with their origin or religion, but with their needs”

Sources from the Community of Madrid explain in a conversation with LaSexta that it is “not social assistance. It is the cost of care resources ”, they specify. The Community of Madrid has a network of residential centers and resources for the protection of minors for whom it has assigned protective measures.

“We serve the same thing to minors who were born in the Tetouan district as orphans, or if they came from Marrakech on the underside of a truck”

“Minors of all stripes and all origins, whether they were born in the Tetouan district as orphans, or if they came from Marrakech on the underside of a truck. The cost of resources works in exactly the same way: the cost of the resource does not have to do with the origin or with the religion or the legal situation of the parish, but with the needs that it presents.

Currently, in the Autonomous Community, there are 98 accommodation centers for minors under guardianship, and they have 1903 places – not all of them are in the centers: but rather in foster families. Thus, it does not cost the administration the same resources, because there are children and children, needs and needs.

“We will continue to do this, no matter what the cost. We will serve all the children in the Community.”

“A minor with a behavior problem who additionally has substance dependencies (which requires more attention and specialization) does not need the same as an essential foster care resource for children. 0 to 6 years old, ”government sources commented on this channel. The difference lies in the specialization of the resource: if it is more complex, or requires more support, it costs more.

Therefore, it does not make sense to average the cost. “In this resource for mental illness and addictions, all types of minors are taken care of, whether they are from Parla or Tangier. The only premise is that they are protected by the Community of Madrid ”, they elaborate. And we will continue to do so. Whatever the price. To all the children of the Community ”.

Vox’s political strategy against non-existent threats

Vox has long focused his political discourse on attacking the fear of vulnerable groups. In this case, they target the “ore”. But this is not the first time. During the campaign, with the quintessential slogan chosen (“Protege Madrid”), they repeated, stoking the supposed fears of the population.

Enrique Cocero, political consultant and leader of the 7-50 strategy, explains it in an interview with this channel. “Vox has and needs a sworn enemy strategy: if he has no one in front of him, his proposal remains lame. You have to confront yourself, ”he emphasizes. “Everything they do in this campaign, looking for empty spaces that Isabel Díaz Ayuso would have left, because she has already moved to a level of state dialogue, speaking directly to Pedro Sánchez.”

“Vox has and needs a sworn enemy strategy: if he has no one in front of him, his proposal remains lame. You have to face “

This level of opposition and replication left Vox without a place, as his main strategy was blocked by having no one to attack. “At first, it seemed that Vox was going to develop a strategy similar to that of Marine Le Pen vis-à-vis the MENA region: the boredom of the popular classes. Capitalize on the vote of people who could have voted for the left, ”says the expert in political communication. “But when they started playing with the ‘mena,’ they swerved. It was their only recourse, because in Madrid, they could not ask that only Spanish be spoken in the classrooms or that taxes be reduced, as they did in Catalonia or Andalusia, respectively ”.

“They looked at the new security threats: call them ‘ore’ or whatever. The personification, the incarnation of a fear, of a fear that does not exist, ”Cocero explains. “The problem is that they do not have pragmatic and programmatic solutions to help in this electoral context to convince an electorate, not a group of affiliates.”

Message with an echo on the floor, but without a visit

The strategy has been fulfilled and this Tuesday Vox was on everyone’s lips. So much so that the provincial prosecutor’s office in Madrid has opened investigative procedures to determine whether Vox’s election announcement regarding the so-called “menas” may constitute a hate crime.

According to what LaSexta has learned from tax sources, the prosecution will automatically open investigations into the advertising in the central station in Sol. The poster also presents the so-called “mena” as a hooded and violent young man in front of the image of an old woman.

Criminal lawyers consulted by LaSexta consider that the cartel does not have a sufficient body for legal proceedings

“We would be talking about a crime of incitement to hatred, included in article 510 of the Criminal Code,” said criminal lawyer Ruth Sala. However, in his view, the poster in question “does not have enough entity for legal proceedings”, and quotes a judgment of the European Court of Human Rights which speaks of freedom of expression.

Of course, the specialist in criminal law considers that “something else, it is the public which reacts to this provocation of advertising campaign, and which leads it to go to a center” mena “to beat them”, he deepens. . As happened, for example, with the attack reaction of the citizens of Capitol Hill when they were applauded by Trump. “It’s a dirty game. Attacking the most vulnerable for ‘political reasons’,” says Sala.

Politicians and NGOs outraged

The reactions, so far, haven’t just stopped there. Other candidates in the May 4 elections, such as Pablo Iglesias, and his party, United We Can, condemned the “fascism” of the cartel and announced a denunciation of Vox’s “Nazi propaganda” to the Electoral Council.

But also the voices of NGOs such as Ahmed Khalifa, president of the Moroccan Association for the Integration of Immigrants. The activist is “outraged by this poster that Vox took out to create a non-existent confrontation between the Spaniards and the immigrants,” he said during a conversation with LaSexta.

“Vox wants to point out foreigners as the origin of evil in Madrid society, and that is not true”

“This party uses a distorted image of unaccompanied foreign minors presenting them as criminals and manipulating data to try to squeeze into this vision,” Khalifa laments. “The image reflects a duality between a well-dressed older woman, and with a very good-looking face, in front of another camouflaged person, with inappropriate paintings. In the background this image wants to confront the population, or point to strangers as the origin of evil in Madrid society, and this is not true ”.

And the sentence: “This poster is an insult to any Democrat.”

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