They play Tetris in Azure Task Manager

From time to time, technology leaves us with curious things. In this case, it’s even more surprising if the curiosity comes from the hand of Azure. And they show us a new way to play Tetris, a game that is no longer the best-selling game in history but the most legendary.

Being the CTO of Microsoft Azure has its privileges, and that includes stress testing a 24 terabyte Azure node playing Tetris.

Play Tetris with 24 terabytes

Of course, this isn’t just any game – at this scale, it involved using the activity level of 420 virtual Xeon processors in Task Manager as the screen for the game.

Unlike the similar DOOM video, we’re assuming we can trust Mark Russinovich not to just fake the outcome, and since Microsoft 365 hasn’t gone down yet today, we’re assuming everything worked.

Achievement Unlocked: Play Tetris on Task Manager on Azure 24TB Mega Godzilla Beast VM:

– Mark Russinovich (@markrussinovich) December 6, 2020

Surprisingly, these curious uses of technology and the power that Microsoft’s large data centers are acquiring. Redmond’s strategy made a lot of web pages work thanks to Azure. Now we see how they reinforce this structure and offer alternatives to what they already had.

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