They publish a new image of King Juan Carlos in Abu Dhabi accompanied by two escorts

Pictures provided by ‘Viva la vida’, Telecinco

King Juan Carlos I was pictured in Abu Dhabi in an image taken three days ago in which he is seen walking with the help of two bodyguards, according to the Telecinco “Viva La Vida” program. The TV area explained that the snapshot was taken at a marina near the hotel where the King Emeritus is staying.

This is the second snapshot we’ve been able to see of the monarch outside of Spain, following the one posted by ‘Nius’ in August, in which the king could be seen descending the ladder of the plane upon his arrival. in the United Arab Emirates. United.

The King Emeritus is in Abu Dhabi, where he visited after his decision to move his residence out of Spain was made public. Felipe VI’s father explained that he was leaving Spain “because of the public repercussions that certain past events generate” in his private life and to facilitate his son’s work as head of state.

The possibility that King Juan Carlos could return to Spain at Christmas has polarized the national political debate in recent months. However, it was eventually communicated that he would not be returning due to “the situation of the coronavirus pandemic” and his status as a “high risk person”.

The Investigation of the King Emeritus

The Supreme Court prosecutor’s office has up to three open investigative proceedings against the estate of the King Emeritus.

At the beginning of December, the emeritus lawyers reported in a press release that King Juan Carlos I had paid 678,000 euros to the Treasury, thus confirming that Juan Carlos I had carried out tax regularization without prior requirement. At that time, the prosecution had indicated that it would assess “the veracity and spontaneity” of the fiscal regularization of the King Emeritus and that it would continue to investigate.

Christmas message from King Felipe VI

For his part, King Felipe VI included a few brief words in his Christmas message to justify the “renovator” character of his reign and to distance himself from his father, King Juan Carlos. “The moral and ethical principles” demanded by citizens, he assured, “are above all consideration, whatever their nature, even personal and family”.

“This is how I have always understood it, in line with my convictions, with the way of understanding my responsibilities as Head of State and with the spirit of renewal that animates my reign from day one”, he declared in his traditional words to the Spaniards on Christmas Eve.

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