they read the names of the 1081 women killed by gender-based violence

Updated: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 6:03 PM

Published on: 02/23/2021 5:43 PM

All political parties, except the People’s Party and Citizens, have agreed to read the names of all murdered women victims of gender-based violence to the Congress of Deputies. They were responding to an initiative proposed by Vox to end the law on gender-based violence. The reading of their names in the Lower House was a touching tribute to the victims, and for long minutes MPs from all parties except Vox continued to applaud.

The training led by Santiago Abascal presented a proposal for an organic law on domestic violence by which they want to replace the current law on gender violence. Carla Toscano de Balbín was Vox’s deputy in charge of defending the proposal, ensuring that it targets “equality between men and women”. “It is a scandal that today equality before the law is demanded, but Vox has come to denounce the lies of feminism and to defend tooth and nail the rights of the Spaniards,” he said.

In response, when moving to fixed positions, MPs from different parliamentary groups took the opportunity to reject the proposal and pay tribute to the murdered women. The exception was that of the deputies of the PP and the citizens, who intervened to reject the Vox proposal, but did not participate in the reading of the names.

We want to say loud and clear that gender-based violence has a gender “

One by one, they read the names of the 1,081 women murdered since 2003, when the sexist murders in Spain began to be counted.

“In memory of the 1,081 women murdered since 2003 in the State, and in front of those who try to deny the reality, from our group we want to say loud and clear that gender-based violence has a gender.” With those same words, parliamentarians from groups that joined the pact began to read the names.

Although neither the PP nor the citizens participated in the agreement, the deputies of the two formations joined in the applause which began when the first name was spoken and ended a few minutes after the pronunciation of the last one.

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