They record a positive case of coronavirus during an act of the PP in La Coruña in the presence of Casado and Feijóo

Publication: Sunday 20 December 2020 18:45

The Galician health service (Sergas) summoned people attending the Act of the Popular Party which was held on Friday 18 with Pablo Casado and Alberto Núñez Feijóo in La Coruña to carry out a PCR, according to training sources.

The decision was taken “by protocol” after having met in the last hours the positive of the Conselleira do Mar, Rosa Quintana, who attended the event and who “wore the mask all the time”, specifies the same source.

Several dozen people, including journalists, photographers, television cameras and party members who witnessed the act “Galicia: more investments, less taxes”, which took place on Friday after- noon on Mount San Pedro in La Coruña, are summoned by the Sergas to submit to the test.

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