They reveal a possible solution for senior talent to stay in business

They reveal a possible solution for senior talent to stay in business

Unemployment is already a structural problem in Spain that particularly affects seniors, perhaps more deeply because of its long duration and its difficult recovery.

We are seeing an accelerated aging of workers and there is no generational change, therefore, according to Sagardoy, chairman of Sagardoy Abogados, “we need to focus legal efforts on creating incentives, whether in the fiscal or social domain, so that senior talents remain in our companies; that it is not lost and that, in a certain way, it is possible to make work compatible with social benefits and a retirement pension ”.

In this sense, igo Sagardoy affirms that in a certain way, for example, the requalification of this senior talent is encouraged by law so that it can be used by companies ”.

“There is a lot to do and we cannot waste this opportunity. We must act quickly because – he insists – we have an increasingly numerous working population which is backing down a bit on the road ”. According to him, the Generation Awards – of which he chaired the jury – recognize the work of companies in this field, “and now there is the task and the duty of the legislator”, he adds.

This problem does not only affect Spain. Globalization, new technologies and demographic changes are having an impact on all the countries around us. “There is no appropriate agenda to improve this situation from a legal point of view, but it is true that most countries are taking initiatives to improve the situation, extend working life and seek compatibility between the work and pensions, ”explains igo Sagardoy.

“There are countries that are launching initiatives in terms of hiring, training and firing. The Nordic countries are perhaps the best reference in this area. For example, they offer tax incentives to companies that hire senior talent; or for companies that train workers or mentor older people to help younger people, and even in these countries, the difficulties of firing older people are greater ”.

Each country – in short – adopts its own strategy, but it is clear that we are at the epicenter of very important changes. “The issues of generational diversity and senior talent will be very relevant in the agendas of human resources managers in the

the next two or three years. You have to put the batteries in and act quickly, ”he emphasizes.

igo Sagardoy made these statements this morning at the Generation III awards gala, of which he chairs the jury.

During the third edition of these awards, organized by the Generation and Talent Observatory, with the collaboration of Generali, Naturgy and Sandoz Farmacutiva, the following companies were recognized: Danone, DKV, Ilunion, SGS, Coca Cola and Ecoembes, in their two categories, inside and outside the company.

The first category recognizes organizations that have promoted practices to improve the management of generational diversity within their own organizations and whose beneficiaries are for their employees.

For its part, the External Company category is intended for organizations that have promoted practices to improve awareness, promotion, dissemination or research on generational diversity, outside the organization itself.

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