They sign a strategic alliance to promote gender equality in construction

Sign a strategic alliance to promote gender equality in construction

The headquarters of the College of Engineers of Canals, Roads and Ports of Madrid hosted this Friday, November 13 the presentation of the FOUNDATIONS OF EQUALITY, a strategic alliance promoted by the CSCAE Observatory 2030, the Spanish Association of Executives and EJE & CON, BMI Group and College of Civil Engineers, Channels and Ports advisers to promote gender equality in the construction sector in Spain.

The presentation, taking into account the special circumstances caused by COVID-19, took place in hybrid mode, with more than 200 people connected to the streaming. “Foundations of Equality” was born with the following objectives, among others, to make construction a more attractive sector for young women, taking advantage of new trends in production processes based on digitization, industrialization and the economy circular; link the sector to engagement, sustainability and the circular economy as an outstanding, necessary challenge and an opportunity for employment, development and innovation to attract women to the start of their professional careers in the sector, by promoting quality employment with a future, and obtaining the commitment of companies and entities in the sector to develop gender diversity policies, including the promotion of women to managerial positions.

In his special intervention, the Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Pedro Saura, expressed “pride” that the ministry must join the initiative for two reasons: “A country like the ours is more modern and more competitive when we take advantage of all the talents, that of men and women and that, in our sector, the weight of women is still low. For this reason, it is important to be aware of this so that this is changing for the good of all. ”He also underlined:“ There are opportunities that we must take advantage of, namely the Urban Agenda, government support that promotes gender equality and European funds. Education. and language are also important in ending this inequality. “

In the reception, through a video, the deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoa Villacs, thanked the initiative, “fair and equitable”, and noted: “The construction sector has been able to adapt to the changes , including growth and modernization; for this, it is necessary to include women in the management environments of companies, as they enrich boards of directors and decision-making ”.

The welcome was also attended by the president of the Superior Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain (CSCAE), Llus Comern; Miguel ngel Carrillo, president of the Colegio de Caminos Canales y Puertos, and Lola Ortiz, first dean of the demarcation of the College in Madrid, who underlined: “Our College is committed to attracting young female talents. A few decades ago, women road engineers represented only 3% in our country and today we are at almost 30%. Today more than ever, it is necessary to have as many female talents as possible ”.

Then, a round table was held in which the main agents of the sector participated: the president of the Association of developers and builders of Spain (APCEspaa), Juan Antonio Gmez Pintado; the vice-president of WIRES, Leticia Ponz Belenguer; Beatriz Oliete Galiano, Women Can Build coordinator of the Construction Labor Foundation; Martha Thorne, Dean of IE University of Architecture; Carlos Hernndez Puente, CEO of BMI Group Iberia and Italy; Beatriz Snchez-Guitin, Managing Director of Fundacin + Humano, and Esther Soriano Hoyuelos, Marketing Director of Saint Gobain. The table was moderated by the director of the CSCAE 2030 Observatory and EJE & CON partner, Ngela Baldellou.

The director of the CSCAE 2030 Observatory and partner of EJE & CON said: “The construction sector is faced with an opportunity to reinvent and modernize itself, thus being more attractive to young people and women. This can only be achieved with the joint work of the Administration and the companies ”.

After the round table, the director of UN-Hbitat in Spain, Carmen Snchez Miranda, read the Manifesto for Equal Opportunities for a More Sustainable and Competitive Construction Sector. And, finally, more than fifty entities and companies of the real estate and construction sector in Spain have signed the manifesto in person, acquiring the commitment to disseminate and promote gender equality through their adherence to the Code of EJE & CON of Good practices for talent management and improving the competitiveness of companies.

Membership of the manifesto will remain open online on the CSCAE 2030 Observatory website

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