They steal the plaque tribute to the last Spanish survivor of Mauthausen

The Secretary for Historical and Democratic Memory of the PSOE of Cordoba, Juan Díaz, condemned the act of vandalism that occurred in Torrecampo after the ‘stolpersteine’, or the stone of memory placed in the municipality to pay homage to the last Spanish survivor from Mauthausen, Juan Romero, was kidnapped soon after his installation.

Díaz said that “it is absolutely unfortunate that events like this occur, that the memory of those who fought against Francoism and against Nazism and to whom his hometown paid tribute this weekend not is not respected “. “This act of vandalism shows that there is still a lot to be done in terms of historical and democratic memory, in recognition of those who fought for freedom and democracy,” said Juan Díaz.

Thus, the Secretary for Historical and Democratic Memory of the PSOE of Cordoba recalled the figure of Juan Romero Romero, favorite son of the province of Cordoba, and explained that “he fought from the age of 17 in the war civilian and after participating in several battles, he crossed the border with France, where he joined the Foreign Legion, fighting fascism until he was arrested and sent to the Mauthausen concentration camp, where he was found from 1941 until its liberation in 1945 “.

“The legacy and example of Juan Romero and his fight for freedom and democracy will not be overshadowed by vandalism like this or by the intolerance of some,” Juan Díaz concluded.

In this video you can see the tribute he paid to the Government to Juan Romero in August 2020. Two months later, on October 4, 2020, the last Spanish survivor of Mauthausen died at the age of 101.

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