They threaten a municipal councilor in Compromís de Caudiel (Castellón) with several 38 caliber bullets

Updated: Monday May 31, 2021 19:51

Posted: 05/31.2021 7:50 PM

The municipal councilor of Compromís in the municipality of Castellón de Caudiel Thomas Laimgruber lodged a complaint with the Civil Guard for threats, after finding several 38 caliber bullets in the access to his organic farming garden.

This was announced by Senator de Compromís Carles Mulet on social networks, where he published a photo of the three bullets and warned that the mayor had found this morning “this gift” at the entrance to his garden ” , placed so that look good. ”

“It’s not hunting season and it doesn’t look like regular hunting cartridges. Did they drop it and post it so it doesn’t look like a threat?” , wrote Mulet on Twitter. Laimgruber also made the discovery of the 38 caliber bullets public on social media, and said the complaint has been filed and the party has been notified.

The advisor explained that he first found three bullets at the entrance to his farm around 1:00 p.m., but later found three more, around 3:15 p.m., and another around 6:00 p.m. He claimed he was not afraid, but pointed out that these things make him wonder if it is worth continuing in politics, since he has a family and a little girl, although he thinks that it will continue to move forward after the support it receives.

Laimgruber stressed that this was not the first time that “acts of intolerance” have occurred in this small town, in which the PP governs, but where, as he pointed out, Vox outnumbered the popular during the last legislative elections.

Since Compromís they have qualified these events as “inadmissible” and denounced “the ‘gift’ they left” to his companion in Caudiel “and, in extension to his family”, while they conveyed their full support .

Compromís Congressman Joan Baldoví also echoed this question on social media, where he said that “this is how the far-right fear campaign and the 15 days in which we weren’t talking about anything else “.

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