“They tried to get me out of the way”

Manuel Morocho was the key man in the early years of investigating the Gürtel plot, as he was the police inspector behind the case. And now he’s at the center of Operation Kitchen as well. On several occasions, they wanted to push him away. “The aim was to generate pressure for us to fold. I received various attempts to voluntarily withdraw from the investigation,” the former UDEF chief inspector told the judge.

In addition, he was pressured to change his police reports: “I had to say to the judge, ‘This is what they made me take out, and I had to put it there.’ the annex, because they prevented me from putting it on, ”he said. Manuel García-Castellón, judge of Operation Kitchen.

They even tried to dismiss him by offering him important posts far from Madrid: “They tried to dismiss me in the sense of offering me to go and work at the UN, at the Committee for the fight against impunity. Guatemala, and I told him that the following year began the trial of the first period (of the Gürtels) and that he had to be in the trial “confirmed before the judge.

So, according to Manuel Morocho, he refused to leave, so he had to endure a lot of pressure. For the inspector, one of his most difficult moments was hearing these words from Commissioner García Castaño. “He said to him: ‘Look, it’s Morocho’, and the other responds and I say word for word what he answered: ‘And what are you doing here if you were to be dead?’ The person who answered was García Castaño. “

The judge recognized his great contribution to Gürtel, stressing that it was “very important”. And now he has a new destination in Canfranc, Huesca, far from where for years he fought to uncover the alleged PP corruption plot.

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