“They want to politicize and control justice”

Posted: Saturday October 24 2020 11:56 AM

Podemos does not share the decision of the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, to leave the reform proposal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) on the air and therefore asks to maintain it, reveals the co-spokesperson of the party, Isa Serra, who believes him “the only way” to face the veto of the PP in Podemos. “What must happen is that the law continues to be debated, because it is the only guarantee so that the PP does not block the renewal (of the CGPJ) neither now nor in a few years”, explains Serra in an interview, in which he thinks the Prime Minister was wrong to suggest to the PP to suspend this rule in exchange for the resumption of negotiations.

A difference that the formation led by Pablo Iglesias has not yet transferred to the Prime Minister. “We haven’t been able to talk about it yet,” he admits. The president of the government proposed Thursday to the head of the PP to stop the process of reform of the system of election of the members of the CGPJ to start the negotiations and to achieve the renewal of this one and the other constitutional bodies. But, in Podemos’ opinion, the PP’s rejection of their presence in the negotiations “is a demonstration that what they want is to politicize and control justice” and that is why they insist on maintaining of the proposal that would allow nomination partners Without the PP, they would renew the board of judges.

“They are using all means to try to boycott the coalition government”, says Serra of the PP, a party which in his opinion does not assume “its role of opposition”. “It cannot happen that one group veto another group”, explains Serra, who therefore argues that the only way to deal with “the PP vetoes” is to maintain legislative reform so that twelve of them can be renewed. . the twenty members of the CGPJ by an absolute majority, instead of the necessary two-thirds. Because now, complains Serra, “a minority in Congress is preventing a renewal.”

The spokesperson for Podemos also in the Madrid Assembly believes that during the transition there was “resistance” to the advancement of certain bodies and in particular – she says – “there were limits to the justice”. Asked about the criticisms of the CGPJ against Iglesias for having raised “suspicions” about judicial independence, Serra said that “it is no coincidence that it is controlled by the PP” and stresses that there are other judges who supported the vice president’s right to freedom of expression.

On Iglesias’ possible resignation if investigated: “It would not be understood”

Although he insists on the party line that the Supreme Court imputation of Iglesias “will not happen” because “it would be an aberration” and an “international scandal”, Serra goes further and asserts that ” this would not be understood. “Let the vice president resign in case he is ultimately investigated.

“No, no, I don’t think that would be understood. It has happened on other occasions. Vicky Rosell was impeached by the Supreme Court, she had to resign and eventually what happened, after that a lot of people thought Rosell was guilty of something, was that the judge was convicted, ”says Serra in reference to the conviction of magistrate Salvador Alba for conspiring against ex-judge Rosell after his leap into politics at the hands of Podemos.

“We are talking about the fact that Judge García Castellón asked the TS to impute Iglesias after the hearing asked to restore the injured party’s condition, without consulting the prosecution,” says Serra, who defends a case was “fabricated” with the “mafia practices” of ex-commissioner Villarejo. “Everything has a limit and I believe that the Supreme Court will not move forward in this way”, supports the co-spokesperson of Podemos, for whom an accusation would be “the demonstration that the courts of this country do not take the right ones decisions ”.

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