“They were exhausted after overtaking their teams”

Publication: Saturday January 16, 2021 2:42 PM

Hotel Colón, one of the few hospitalized hotels in Spain and the only one that continues to operate in Madrid, supports not only coronavirus patients, but also health workers who have not been able to return home because of Filomena. “We accommodated up to 90 health workers who could not rest or go home (because of the snow). They were exhausted from their work and sleeping in armchairs, ”explains Cristina Arias, nurse coordinator at Hotel Colón.

This is a possibility that makes it possible to avoid travel and reduce the risks associated with heavy snowfall. “They rested here because a lot of positions doubled because the people who replaced them did not arrive,” explains José Luis Escalante, care coordinator at the Colón hotel.

Health workers who have been working at Hotel Colón since March are looking after patients over the phone. Even many specialists have dedicated themselves to helping, although they are not experts in infectious diseases. In this sense, Escalante underlines that they have “ophthalmologists, a maxillofacial surgeon or neurophysiologists”.

LaSexta spoke to Iván Balas, a man who was released with his children after two weeks of medical treatment at Hotel Colón. “We were in two rooms. I was with the girl who is smaller and my 16-year-old son was in a separate room,” the man said.

Since the start of the pandemic, the Community of Madrid has had 13 medical hotels in different parts of the region, although the Colón hotel is the only asset.

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