they will be the main allies of nine out of ten CEOs

Soft skills, at the center of companies: they will be the main allies of nine out of ten CEOs

The growing skills gap is not a new topic in the world of work. According to Udemy’s ‘Skills Deficiencies’ study, currently 77% of Spaniards are aware that there is a skills gap in the workplace, which is an increase of 12 percentage points compared to 2017 .10 CEOs because it compromises the growth of their businesses and organizations. In fact, over a billion people will need new skills over the next decade to apply for or keep their current jobs.

A little over a year ago, the main focus was on technical skills associated with new technologies. But with the onset of the pandemic and the introduction of telecommuting, employers now recognize that “soft skills” are what will help their employees thrive in the future. As a result, as the world and the work environment become more unpredictable, companies are focusing on building skills related to well-being and adapting to change.

The study “ Learning Trends in the Workplace 2021 ”, prepared by Udemy for Business, the Udemy product for learning for work environments, reveals the “ soft skills ” that will be most in demand by companies this year.

Stress management and well-being

In the wake of the pandemic, health and wellness, once perhaps considered taboo topics in the workplace, have become the top concerns for businesses. Plus, it has been shown that for every dollar invested in wellness programs, businesses can expect more than $ 3 in reduction in healthcare costs.

Thus, during the past year, courses related to anxiety management (+ 3967%), resilience (+ 1296%), stress management (+ 1015%), meditation ( + 886%) and mindfulness (+ 784%), were the ones that experienced the most significant growth, with an increase of up to four digits. A trend that should continue throughout 2021.

Business communication

Likewise, in the current situation, businesses have seen their need to communicate more and better to reach their target audience and secure every sale has increased exponentially. As a result, courses in skills such as listening, communicating and business writing increased by more than 1,300%.

Motivation and time management

Teleworking sometimes makes it difficult to establish the boundaries between staff and professional, increasing the risk of overwork and burnout. For this reason, employees turn to courses on time management, motivation and goal achievement that allow them to be more productive and efficient. Armed with this new way of working, many companies are turning to tools that allow their employees to face this new reality and to better reconcile work and personal life.

While tech skills will always be important, to prepare their workforce for long-term success, companies have already started to pay more attention than ever to soft skills.

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