thieves steal beer on argentinian coast: now burglar swept under the sea, 131 gallons of beer kept in submerged ship, thieves steal alcohol that has been left to age inside a sunken ship off the Argentinian coast

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The thief took away 131 gallons of beer, placed in a submerged boat off the coast of Argentina, and the beer was placed under the sea so that it could later be mined and sold for high prices. About 1,000 gallons of beer were sold. the coast of Argentina Miles was placed in the sea. Buenos Aires
Thieves living on land are now flying even under the sea. Yes, thieves caught 131 gallons of beer from a submerged boat off the coast of the Latin American country of Argentina. This beer was kept under the sea in November of last year, so that much later it can be extracted and sold at high prices. It was a limited edition beer.

According to the Daily Mail report, around 1,000 gallons of beer were placed in a submerged fishing boat at sea three miles off the coast of Argentina. Last week, when divers went to test the beer in the sea, 131 gallons of beer were missing. The stolen beer belonged to three local beer companies. These companies hired divers last year to keep the beer in the ocean.

According to the report, the beer was brewed in the Soviet Union’s Chronomether ship. This ship was abandoned in Argentina after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. After the arrival of this vessel in 2014, divers began to visit it often. Now people often start to keep alcohol there. Eduardo Ricardo, the owner of a beer business, founded it in Argentina after alcohol was stored this way in many places. However, his idea of ​​keeping the beer under the sea failed and the thieves washed their hands.

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