“Thinking about keeping a car seat shows that you cannot be in Ciudadanos”

Publication: Tuesday, January 5, 2021 9:03 PM

Inés Arrimadas, president of Ciudadanos, has been very hard on the party’s leaks in recent days. The leader of the formation accused Lorena Roldán for her march towards the Popular Party to be number two in the elections in Catalonia, and criticized the PP for having tried to “scrape the votes” with this type of strategy regarding signatures. But he also sent a message to Francisco Igea, a party colleague and vice-president of Castilla y León.

Arrimadas criticized that some just want “a little chair”. “At a time like this, to think about saving a place to yourself in a game you’ve been green for five days is showing that you shouldn’t be in Ciudadanos.” “He wants his place and doesn’t care what game,” added the leader of the orange team.

These harsh statements are the response to claims made by Igea, who recently declared, after Roldán’s departure, that Ciudadanos “is losing talents and activists”, and expressed his desire to continue in politics by considering “all options” if could not continue to Ciudadanos. Specifically, when asked if he is seen in the PP, he argued that “never say never again”.

The president of Ciudadanos believes that with this attitude, Igea could feel “uncomfortable” in a party like the one she is leading.

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