Thinking of entrepreneurship? Five keys to keep in mind to start a business in 2021


Thinking of entrepreneurship? Five keys to keep in mind to start a business in 2021

Going digital, adapting to the new professional reality, selling online, implementing digital marketing strategies and betting on RRSS as a showcase are the basic pillars for entrepreneurship.

BY RRHHDigital, 11h00 – 02 February 2021

The start of the New Year is always a good time to start a project. It is true that the time we are going through requires an extra dose of courage, but there are many entrepreneurs who have it and are starting a new business.

Nowadays, having a digital DNA is a fundamental piece to be successful in the face of the uncertainty of the evolution of the pandemic, as the internet is configured as the best alternative to help businesses stay open and maintain their engagement with customers. uninterrupted. For this reason, GoDaddy, a company that empowers entrepreneurs in their day-to-day lives, wants to highlight the main aspects to consider when starting a business in 2021:

Making the digital leap is the first step. After what happened last year, if anything has been proven, it is that being on the internet and having the digital version of a business is a necessity for any business to be successful. In fact, the GoDaddy “Does Your Business Have a Web?” Opportunities and challenges posed by the digital environment for freelancers and small businesses in Spain 2020 ”, shows that digitization is crucial when we talk about the future of 56% of respondents. For this reason, the company offers online tools and solutions that help simplify projects, allowing you to design and create web pages in less than an hour and without the need for technical knowledge or financial investments. important. Adapt to the new business scenario. Almost a year ago, teleworking became one of the biggest challenges for businesses in Spain. According to the GoDaddy Global Entrepreneurship Survey, almost 4 in 10 Spanish small businesses and freelancers (38%) have adopted remote working as part of a new hybrid reality in which daily professional activity takes place in different environments (i.e. both inside and outside the office.). E-commerce can bring growth. In a year marked by the lockdown and closure of businesses to prevent the spread of the virus, e-commerce has positioned itself as a lifeline. GoDaddy figures show that 29% of companies agree that they would have liked to have had a website with their own sales channel before the pandemic began. Therefore, there is no doubt that it is necessary to take advantage of any sales opportunity, and e-commerce is an open window for countless customers regardless of their location. As a result, any business you want to start should consider incorporating online selling as an additional way to grow your business. Attract potential customers with digital marketing strategies. Defining and implementing digital marketing strategies is essential if you want to get started. To attract customers to a small business, the best ally is digital marketing and its techniques, which will allow greater visibility with potential customers. For this, it is essential to focus on SEO techniques, SEM and content strategies. In fact, these are some of the areas for improvement, since figures from the second wave of GoDaddy’s “Radiography of Spanish small businesses and freelancers” indicate that more than 30% of those surveyed by the company had never heard these terms. Therefore, capitalizing on these strategies is a competitive advantage. Social networks, an additional showcase that complements the web. Facebook, Instagram… GoDaddy señala que además de la web (vía principal para generar visibilidad), las redes sociales his hoy un channel más para comunicarse con los clients en el mundo actual, así como dar a conocer las últimas novedades sobre productos y servicios de a company. Knowing how to use social networks accurately and link them to an online store can become solid formulas for starting a business growth.

“2021 has already started, a year full of challenges, but also new opportunities. At GoDaddy, we want to be alongside entrepreneurs who decide to start a new business, helping them learn the keys to the digital world and providing them with the resources they need to make it happen, ”says Gianluca Stamerra, GoDaddy’s Regional Director for ‘Spain, Italy and France. “The pandemic has changed many codes of the professional world, but what is clear is that digitalization remains a key pillar for a business to be born and grow in the Internet age. Adjusting to the new business paradigm, having a website with online sales channels, and leveraging resources such as SEO, SEM, and social media, can be important for future growth. GoDaddy is here to help with our integrated suite of online tools, ”adds Stamerra.

To start the digitization, GoDaddy offers Web Pages + Marketing, a service that combines simple web page building, with online sales (now it also lets you add buttons to buy coupons that consumers can use when everything returns to normal) and marketing tools. Thanks to this tool, any small business can take its first steps on the web, reach new customers and open a new window to continue its commercial activity despite the exceptional situation in which we live today.

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