Third dose of covid vaccine: Israeli President Isaac Herzog receives third dose of COVID-19

Tel Aviv
Israel has started administering the third dose of the corona virus vaccine, which is a booster dose to stop the increase in corona virus cases. The third dose of the vaccine will only be given to citizens over 60 years of age. Israeli President Isaac Herzog started this campaign by administering the third dose. Herzog, 60, took a booster dose of Pfizer BioNtech’s Kovid vaccine at Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv.

Israeli President gave his wife a booster shot
Speaking on the occasion, the Israeli president said he was proud to launch the Booster Vaccination Initiative. He also said that the third dose is very important to allow normal living conditions as much as possible during this difficult pandemic. Along with the Israeli president, his wife Michal also received the third dose of the vaccine.
Israeli PM calls on people to get vaccinated
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was also present at the event along with the Israeli President. He also urged all people over 60 to receive the third dose of the corona virus vaccine. The Israeli prime minister also said that Israel would share any information received from the public immunization program. Bennett said Israel is the first country to introduce a third dose of the vaccine for people over 60. The fight against the COVID pandemic is a global battle. Solidarity is the only way to beat COVID.

First country in the world to launch a booster shot
It is said that the reminder given to people in Israel will serve as a study for other countries as well. The rest of the countries, including America, will also be able to learn from the experiences gained. Pfizer’s vaccine has been used in many countries around the world, including America and Great Britain. If the third dose protects people over 60 from viral infection, other countries can start this initiative as well.

57% of Israelis received both doses
A day before the start of the booster program, Prime Minister Bennett said 2,000 people in Israel had already received a third dose. During this time, no serious effects of the vaccine were observed on a person. Israel is among the first countries in the world to use the corona vaccine. So far, 57% of Israel’s 93 lakh population have received both doses of the vaccine. At the same time, among people over the age of 60, this figure is 87%.

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