Third night of protests against Pablo Hasél’s imprisonment ends with incidents in Barcelona and Valencia

Publication: Thursday, February 18, 2021 10:40 PM

Demonstrations to protest the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél were repeated for the third night in a row in several Catalan cities, including Barcelona where at least one person was arrested, and for the second time in Valencia, where eight arrests were made and unless there is one injured. In total, at least six people have been arrested in Barcelona.

The burning of containers, barricades, police charges and street races returned to Barcelona, ​​Tarragona and Sabadell, as well as to the city of Valencia, where there had already been incidents last Tuesday. However, the demonstration organized in Barakaldo and which several hundred young people joined went off without incident.

The protests in Catalonia went beyond a demand for the release of Pablo Hasél – imprisoned in Lleida prison for glorifying terrorism – as protesters protested against the action of the Mossos d’Esquadra riot police in during the previous two nights, which resulted in around fifty inmates and a young woman who reportedly lost her sight in one eye.

In Barcelona, ​​the demonstrators concentrated in Plaza Tetuán shortly after 7:30 p.m. and from there they proceeded to the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior, located a few meters away at the confluence of Paseo de Sant Joan with Diputación, who he was armored by a large police apparatus.

Around this time, groups of demonstrators threw stones, bottles and fireworks at the agents, to whom the Mossos issued several notices to stop their action.

The concentrates then dispersed into the adjacent streets, where they threw motorcycles to the ground and passed through containers on the road, which they set on fire in the streets of Bailén, Aragón, Girona and Valencia. Nearby is the headquarters of El Periódico de Catalunya, where they threw stones, smashed glass and stained graffiti.

In Sabadell, groups of protesters also threw objects at the police line at the national police station and erected barricades with containers.

In Tarragona, participants began to focus on Rambla Nova and, after crossing several city streets, ended up cutting the A-7 motorway for less than an hour.

At least 8 prisoners in Valence

The concentration in Valence had been called by social networks by separatist groups, like last Tuesday, and with the slogan “Estem fartes” (we’re fed up). Around seven in the afternoon, in the Plaza de San Agustín, surrounded by a large police device, about 300 young people gathered, who tried to demonstrate in the center of the city, when the first accusations have been recorded.

The young people dispersed into the surrounding streets and the charges were repeated after a few races and skirmishes, which damaged street furniture and parked vehicles, mainly motorcycles. Sources from the government delegation confirmed to Efe that eight people were arrested and at least one was injured.

Compromís uploaded a video to Twitter where you can see his Corts Valencianes deputy Carles Esteve getting hit by riot police as he walked with his arms raised along San Vicente Mártir Street. The mayor, Joan Ribó, called the police action “disproportionate” and warned that these interventions only increase “social tension”.

No incidents in Barakaldo

Several hundred people demonstrated in the streets of the Biscayan town of Barakaldo, without any notable incident, beyond the overturning of two containers of waste. The participants, mostly young, marched led by a banner with the inscription “Pablo Hasél askatu. Amnistia osoa” (Freedom for Pablo Hasél. General amnesty) and watched by various Ertzaintza endowments.

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