“This is a racist and disgusting speech from a chic and bad deputy”

Published: Wednesday December 16 2020 20:37

Joan Baldoví blamed Congress for what he saw as “racist and disgusting” speech by MP Vox Rocio Meer, whom he called “chic and bad” MP.

The leader of Compromís showed his rejection of the remarks of the politics of the far-right formation, which reiterated that “Spain, of the first world, is extorted by the countries of the third world”. “It produces shame and nausea as a member of parliament, but above all as a person,” Baldoví said after listening to Meer’s speech on immigration to Foreign Minister Arantxa González Laya.

“You are a minister of Spain, not of Morocco, or of the European Union. And Spain has borders, and borders are defended,” began MP Vox. Immediately afterwards, Meer assured that “our borders are hit by a barrage of economic immigrants that we do not repatriate. A silent invasion that has lasted for years ”.

In this sense, the far-right deputy insisted on the fact that “Spain, from the first world, is extorted by the countries of the third world”. And he came to compare the situation of the emigrants who arrived in Spain with the Spaniards themselves: “They speak of expulsions with thousands of immigrants in luxury hotels. While they are filling their buffets, the Spanish fridges are emptying. . “

“Free movement is not often appreciated by Spaniards, not even between municipalities. They are scattered all over Spain and receive checks from the Santander bank. They tell us that if we do not want to pay for hotels luxury at 300,000 euros per day, they treat us as racists “, he declared the deputy, who assures that this situation” is absurd “, that” it costs nights like that of December 8 when a Moroccan has raped two women “.

“He passed a knife on one of the thighs and then raped another in a car. He entered in 2018 as ore”, he said before accusing Luc André Diouf, socialist deputy of origin Senegalese, to have been “condemned by a court in Gran Canaria for having beaten an old man”: “Immigrants who commit crimes must be repatriated immediately, even if they are socialist deputies, right? Mr. Diouf? “.

In this sense, the MP ended her speech by declaring that “multiculturalism and the unlimited opening of borders have consequences: the Islamization of Europe”.

Laya’s resounding response to Meer

A speech to which Minister González Laya also responded strongly. “What they are doing with their speech is dishonoring the image of Spain, country of emigrants,” replied Laya, reminding Meer of the roots of “this great country”: “How do you think that Was this great country built? Telework in the 17th century – no, it was achieved by emigrating, working overseas and surviving the same stigmata you describe on this forum. “

A response that drew effusive applause from the socialist caucus and United We Can after the far-right party MP listed the crimes allegedly committed by immigrants.

The foreign minister responded to Meer’s speech by declaring that “it is not extortion, but poverty”, and that his words “dishonor the image of a country of emigrants like the Spain”.

“Behave at the level of the country that you also represent”, challenged Laya, who settled his speech by assuring that “it is not so long ago that hundreds of thousands of our compatriots lived similar situations”.

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