This Is Eating is committed to the employment of young people at risk of exclusion

Spain faces many challenges in the workplace. And it is that the INE has located 3,653,900 people who are currently unemployed, after increasing by nearly 10.3% since the first quarter of last year. However, one of the most worrying issues is unemployment among those under 25. Currently, our country leads youth unemployment in the euro area with a rate of 37.7%, which although lower than last February, has increased year on year since, in March 2020 , the This figure stood at 33.8%, according to data provided by Eurostat. The fact is that the concern is such on the part of the government that at the beginning of June it approved the investment of 5,000 million euros for the youth employment plan.

One of the main reasons Spain continues to top this list is due to the dropout rate, which is 16% compared to the EU average of 10.3%. This means that one in six Spaniards drop out of school between the ages of 18 and 24, according to data from the OECD and the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. The traditional education system does not respond well to objectives and the lack of effective vocational training programs means that only 11% of Spaniards opt for this type of apprenticeship, while the European average is around 25%.

The problem goes further. The lack of employment opportunities is taking a huge toll on the youngest. Indeed, 32% of the population aged 20 to 29 is at risk of poverty or social exclusion, according to data collected by Eurostat. In addition, the Youth in Spain report ensures that the risk of poverty or social exclusion is multiplied by 3 for those who do not finish secondary school compared to those who have a university education.

From Esto es Comer, a food delivery portal that recovers the tradition and the benefits of good nutrition, they are firmly committed to second opportunities and support the creation of quality employment opportunities for young people. In fact, 60% of the workforce is made up of young people trained in the Norte Joven association, in which young people who have abandoned their studies for different reasons can obtain the compulsory secondary education diploma and training for it. world of work. This Association belongs to the network of Adult Education Centers (CEPA), authorized by the Community of Madrid to provide Basic Education to Adults.

“It is very important to invest in youth employment if we want to strengthen our economic system. Society and government cannot allow young people to be forgotten, ”says Igor Negueruela, CEO of Esto es Comer. “They learn fast, they adapt, they have enthusiasm and they can bring us new perspectives because, after all, they are the future,” he says.

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