this is how 85% of its workforce consider it

Pelayo, recognized as a Great Place to Work: this is how 85% of its workforce consider it

Pelayo has achieved certification as a Great Place to Work, awarded by the consultancy firm Great Place to Work, a leader in the identification and certification of great workplaces. It is one of the most prestigious national and international distinctions in the field of people management and business strategy, awarded each year to the best employers in the world.

After a diagnosis of the organizational environment, which includes a survey of all staff, the company obtained this certification which certifies that Pelayo is an organization with a culture of great trust, capable of attracting and retaining talents. More specifically, the results of the survey reveal the special appreciation that its professionals have for the work environment, pride in working in the company and concern for the human team, among others.

Pelayo increased the general satisfaction index of its employees by 13%, precisely in a complicated year marked by the health crisis.

This recognition coincides with the acceleration of the Transformation Plan that Pelayo is leading, both digitally and internally, with a firm commitment to the values ​​of commitment and proximity that have always characterized the company, and with the development of a third value, agility, which makes the company more agile and innovative in all of its business processes. As a result of all this, Pelayo recently announced a change in the evolution of its brand, with which it intends to value people through dialogue, relying precisely on its three corporate values.

For Inmaculada Csar, Director of Innovation and Media at Pelayo, “this certification shows that the team feels they are part of this project, and of this present and future of Pelayo.”

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