This is how Araceli is, the first Spaniard to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, 24 hours later: “Without any hassle”

Posted: Monday December 28 2020 11:07 AM

Happy, “very convinced” and, so far, no side effects. This is how Araceli Hidalgo, 96, woke up today, 24 hours after becoming the first Spaniard to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. As reported on Monday to Onda Cero, he spent the night “without any discomfort” and the puncture “hurt very little”.

Now, aware that he made history by receiving the Pfizer vaccine, what he most wants is to be able to hug his grandchildren, as he said on Antena 3. Yesterday he had was able to speak with one of them: “This is what I expect the most, to adopt it, and that everyone can embrace and get rid of this virus,” he said declared.

Already calmer, after the turmoil on Sunday, Araceli admits “very excited, hoping that everything will be sorted out” and “with a lot of courage to see the end of what we have above”, after months where she had “very fear “.

And it is that in the Los Olmos residence in Guadalajara, where he lives, there were “very difficult times” during the pandemic, as explained by Mónica Tapias, auxiliary nurse in said center and first health worker to receive. the vaccine in Spain. , who recalled how difficult it was to see residents “die alone” because “they did not have the warmth of family”.

For her, who has not known side effects so far, beyond a little “normal” discomfort at the puncture site, she is “proud” to have been the first professional of the. health care team to get vaccinated and encourages everyone to follow her example.

“This is the only way to stop this disease,” he said, adding that “we must now continue to fight, continue to maintain security measures and hope that this virus will one day disappear.”

“I encourage people to put it on, it is essential to put it on,” he reiterated on TVE, where Araceli also sent a clear message to those who are not yet convinced to get the vaccine: “Well done , Put the” .

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