this is how communication affects talent management ‘

Last chance! You are still on time to register for the webinar ‘Corporate communication, from a largely forgotten element to a key element today: this is how communication affects talent management’

Corporate communication has been and remains an essential element for the survival of companies since the start of the pandemic and in all its aspects: internal communication, during the announcement of each measure and protocol issued to fight COVID-19 in order to guarantee the health of employees, and external communication, thus facilitating the interconnection between the company and the employees when it comes to knowing the results, policies and new strategies. A communication which made it possible to humanize the team and its leaders, to maintain this emotional and work bond despite the social distance and teleworking and which, today, is already a key measure to attract and retain talents within companies themselves.

Would you like to know how they handled internal and external communication in leading companies like Adecco, Deloitte, ISDI or Repsol? You are always on time! Do not miss the webinar “Corporate communication, from a largely forgotten element to a key element today: how communication affects talent management”, organized by the communication and public relations agency Coonic and RRHHDigital .

In it, experts of the stature of Luis Perdiguero, press officer of the Adecco Group; Carlos Venegas, Senior Director of Internal Communications at Repsol; María Galdo, communications manager at ISDI; Luis López, director of the Talent area at Deloitte Spain; and Alberto Berrocal, PR & Digital Director General of Coonic, will discuss the importance of internal communication within companies and provide the keys to effective communication with concrete examples applied to their companies. All this in a debate moderated by Adrián González, editor-in-chief of RRHHDigital.

The virtual meeting will take place today, Thursday April 22, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. You can register by clicking here.

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